What Will You Do Today?

  • Today I will do something like laugh,

  • Go see a touching movie with a lonely friend,

  • Call a friend, even though it has been five months or longer since they've called me,

  • Smile at one who appears discouraged,

  • Avoid waiting to be asked to help but take the initiative,

  • Open the door for the person behind me,

  • Leave the remaining change in a soda machine's tray when I put a dollar in to get a drink for 55 cents (who knows? -- 25 cents could enable someone to make that last minute call to make a wrong a wonderful right again),

  • Do a house hold task my spouse generally would do,

  • Go to a senior citizen's home and chat with someone there (if I live long enough, I will one day anxiously anticipate a kind listening ear),

  • Say a prayer for someone I cannot tolerate (win-win proposition),

  • Tactfully interrupt a co-worker who starts gossiping and change the subject,

  • Refuse to allow miserable and negative people to affect my thinking,

  • Tell a family member or friend that I love them when I'm finished reading this.
Copyright © 1999 Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky