Who's In Charge Of Your Life?

Take Control Of Your Life

"Obstacles are there to signify how bad you want something. Failure is a passage way to success; it is how you respond to failure, obstacles, stumbles, brick walls, high mountains, tribulations, problems, and setbacks, that will ultimately determine your success."
--- Unknown

You can let failure knock you out, and you can stay down, or you can get up, believing in yourself, determined to climb to the top. Be blindly determined to make of your life everything you decide and everything you really deserve, determined to do whatever it takes to win, regardless of how many times you will be knocked down.

You, I, and everybody else will go through failure on the road to success. It is just about never being satisfied with mediocrity, averageness, poverty, misery, or just being one more of the crowd. Get up and never, never ever give up. Be happy and never forget that on the road will be people that will stumble and will need you to reach out your hand to them.

Do not disconnect from life, do not let the ego (mental ideas) prevent you from the beauty of life. Feel the life, take a deep breath and smell it; feel yourself alive. Don't worry, forget about everything that is worrying you or upsetting you; enjoy life!

Smile, everything is irrelevant, especially when you let it go. In the end, everything turns to nothing; be happy now. This is accomplished when we are determined to live constantly in the moment, the present, and when we do whatever is in our being to pay total and full attention, with all our senses, to every instant of our life, to everything we live.

Take control of your life, be happy -- stop feeling sorry for yourself; be responsible for what you think and your actions. Whatever happens to us is not because of others or because of circumstances, but totally up to us.

Be Happy! Enjoy All The Blessings You Have. Of Course, Definitively You Can Do It!!

Copyright 2012 Eduardo Dominguez

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