Peace And Love Is What We Need

Life Was In High Spirits

Life was in high spirits
Everything was going my way
The face of my soul was feelin' happier
With every coming day

With no things to bother
And no problems to solve
I was feelin' even more content
That my life was heading to resolve

But from top of the hill
When I saw the town
I couldn't help it any more
And it let me down

I saw people fighting for fame
I saw people striving to find the lost name
But all they did was ever the same
They said 'twas all part of the game

One thing of all that worries me today
Is that a once cheerful world has become so gray
Sitting on an iceberg I can feel the heat
Trust, Faith and Fidelity have taken a backseat

In a world today where deceit is so rife
I have little hope to live a peaceful life
But against the hope I pledge to do
To get my message clear and through

I feel my ride on the highway must end
For there are many things which refuse to mend
Of surety there are plans I strongly intend
To make my people simply comprehend

That life's too short to hold a grudge
And you make it shorter when you refuse to budge
So spread the message of peace and love
Throw the swords and feed the dove

Copyright 2009 Saad Shaikh