I wrote this, as a type of mission statement, to remind me of how good I have it; how many missed moments of greatness each day has, and how in a single blink everything could change.

You hear it all the time, you know, how you should live your life to the fullest. Don't take any moment for granted, appreciate everything you have. But do we ever really enjoy, and appreciate every moment that is given to us?

Sure you'd love to remember the time, you and your dad went to a hockey game. Or the time your mom took you clothes shopping, and spent hundreds of bucks on you. Or maybe just you sitting with your grandpa, and talking about who you want to grow up to be.

Most of the time, we just consider these things, as a pass time; something that was meant to happen for some reason. Yet, we don't realize those moments as precious or valuable, until you sit and really think about it.

Everything happens for a reason, is another one we always here being uttered. It's true, you never hooked up with that really hot girl in your math class, because maybe your soul mate is the girl sitting next to you. Sure she's dorky now, but in a few years you may cross each other's path again. Or maybe your grandmother died.... as depressing as that may be, it happened for a reason. Maybe to wake you up, and learn how priceless your relationships are with family, friends, and your self.

Behind everything, every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, millennium, there's a reason. A reason for discovering your true self, a reason for meeting the girl/guy you're with. Moments like that are sent to us to test our inner selves; to have an inner conflict, and test the limits of our soul.

In the end, a stronger you is the conclusion. To us adolescent teenagers, fitting in, in our high school years mean so much. You know, finding our niche in the crowded hallways or maybe striving for popularity. When you look back though, you realize how big of a waste of time that was. You missed everything high school had to offer: new relationships, new discoveries, a time to stretch who you are, and who you will grow to be. And you miss out on all those great opportunities for a single moment in the spot light: meeting that special person every one knows, and talks about when they walk down the hall, or at some great party.

The point, popularity isn't everything. Sure most people say it, but if you think about it, it's very true. You miss out on so much, because you're so wrapped up in the well known, air headedness, snobbiness, that comes with being perfect, and the center of attention. When you realize all the valuable time you've wasted, on stupidity, you'll wish, in a heart beat, that you could take back every waking moment. From the moment you stepped out of the car, freshmen year, and walked down that hallway realizing that it's high school, and no more immature middle school years.

That it was now all behind you, and you've finally grown up. Yet, you can't take it back, and that's when you realize that you regret wasting your time. Fussing about how everyone has it better then you, because he's stronger, or she's prettier, or she's richer, or he's funnier, or she's more popular. That is when you'll realize that you had such great opportunities lying in your path, and you decided to take the one most traveled by being a follower, instead of a leader. Like they say " People who you think have it better, really don't, they just make the best of everything" including every situation, predicament, moment, breathe, sight, word uttered. Everything! That is why you view them as having it better.

They don't let itty bitty things like who has more money get to them. Yet with the media brainwashing our heads about having the money, having the clothes, having the cars, having the popularity, having the looks, and having the hottest girl/guy in school it's no wonder we grow up regretting wasting our time on envy for people in high school.

But at your 10 year high school reunion, where is the most popular kid in school? Same place you are, making money, having a family, and working hard. Then you think back and realize that his popularity got him no where. He's equal with you, and you realize that it was ridiculous to be jealous of someone who will, in 10 years from now, be where you are at. The whole point of this story was to wake up to what's out there, that high school is just a phase, it's more then looks, and popularity. That you do have something to offer, and you don't always have to go with the crowd, you can start your own route, and work on it.

Don't waste your time on being jealous of people, instead open your eyes and see how lucky you are to having everything you have. The moments with your dad, your grandpa, the conversations, the places you go, and the people you meet that affect your life the most. That is when you will reach sheer happiness, and realize how foolish you were for seeing others as having it better. So it's true as they say. Live your life to the fullest, everything happens for a reason, and no one has it better, they just make the best of everything. I guess I know now why all these famous quotes are always reiterated.

Copyright © 2000 Dru Ortega