You Can Be Successful - It Is Your Destiny

My Silver Spoon

Everybody is born with a talent and ability to achieve destiny. The family you are born into is a prepared platform on which you are setup for life.

On this platform are keys designed specially for you to help unlock the mystery in the setup. Dreams and aspirations are usually the end product, not how nor when but the result.

We need to be focus on the big picture which we have (dreams & aspirations) and the keys (talent & ability), not what we could or should have that the other person has.

A man once told me the reason he could not succeed in his endeavors was because he was not born with a silver spoon, so, I invited him to come to my house for dinner. He did.

I only have one silver spoon at the dinner table for me. I gave him soap & water to wash his hands so he could eat with his hand. Surprised, he asked why?

I said to him the answer is at the end of the meal (end product, result).

After the meal, I asked if he enjoyed the food? He said, yeah!

I asked if he had enough food and the answer was, yeah!

I asked if his hand was hurting and the answer was no, I'm fine. (End product & Result achieved)

Being born without a silver spoon will not and cannot stop you from eating hot rice or stop you from becoming who you are destined to be.

"God chooses what we go through, we choose how we go through it."

Copyright 2011 Frank Done (Chidi)

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