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Do You Nag Or Criticize?It Could Be Causing You Problems

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One of the most sensitive observations made over centuries by theologians, philosophers, psychologists and counselors alike, which might touch our nerves is this:

"Many a times we don't realize thatHow much of our time do we waste by nagging those who are near to us, if we do?

How much of their time do we waste, by doing this, if we do?

This is a common spoiler in relationships, be it marriage, friendships or professional interactions. Anyone serious enough to improve his/her quality of life should be more than happy to pay attention to such an important facet of life and human relations. This is high time for all of us to evaluate ourselves on this scale.

Psychologists and psychiatrists around the world say that people who tend to try to exercise undue control over other people, using this kind of a nagging approach, usually have some deep unmet needs from childhood. Either their legitimate desires were not met or their handicaps have been over emphasized.

Let us remind ourselves that it is Let us share our lives in the best possible way. Let us remind ourselves that life is too short to be lived petty, so let us live it pretty.

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As I was thinking about my close friends, I could find that they all shared common traits - they lacked qualities like nagging and cynicism but instead exhibited qualities like an encouraging nature and valuing another person's time. I had some interesting thoughts about the importance of dealing with repelling qualities as we are continuously in interaction with our fellow men and hence I decided to put these into words and try telling this message to all, far and wide. Your comments are welcomed:


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