All You Need Is Already There

Power... Essence... SELF

It's all there. It's always been there.

Inside SELF ...

We seek, and we look for answers, for direction, for something to believe in. Something REAL. Something we "know" -we sense, we feel- is real.

This universe is ordered by very basic, fundamental principles. Energy makes it run the way it does.

Feelings are our power-packs; and only because they hold our individual sources of energy. They hold our pure energy -our raw energy. They hold our magnetism and our power.

A goal, a desire, a need, is about energy that's already inside you. However that energy makes you "feel" is what will pull, or attract your desire to you.

All you have to do is "feel" it.

This is the power "in the need".

Flow with the Energy, and let your thoughts evolve from there. Let it be what it exists to be from the start.

Copyright 2009 Scott Allen Barker