Pay Attention To What You Think

Your Thoughts Control Your Life

Pay attention to what you think because in every moment our thoughts and words are shaping our personality, and therefore our lives. We are what we think about the world and what we think about ourselves.

Think right and your personality, behavior, and results will be right; think wrong and your personality, behavior, and results will be wrong.

Our senses give us clarity; without them no improvement, expansion, and growth would be reached. The more attention we pay to every detail of our lives, the more we use our senses and the more clarity we have.

Clarity, along with attention, is essential; clarity is one of the most important things we need to reach our dreams. Nobody can hit a target that he or she doesn't have.

Lastly, remember that if you can't control your emotions, you cannot control your life or everything related and involved in it and that always there is a price to pay for your dreams.

Wishing you a fulfilled life,

Copyright 2014 Eduardo Dominguez

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