The Benefits Of Patience

Patience Is A Great Thing

In today's context, where life is fast paced, where does patience fit in?

  • A driver wants to reach his destination as soon as possible.

  • A businessman wants to make his fortune quickly.

  • A tourist wants to visit as many places possible in the shortest time.

  • A funny way of looking at it is - even our washing machines are overworked just because we want to get more done in less time.

Many a time patience is one of the less exercised capacities of humans.

  • A boy spends his nights thinking about his examination results, when he can actually leave it to time and go about what he can do.

  • A businessman tries to figure out how his career will chart without any benefit.

  • A girl is hasty in settling for her life partner.

Such a thing called "impatience" steals our joy out of our life.

How often do we remind ourselves of the fact that uncertainty is what adds up the taste to our life?

Suppose each one of us knew, to the minute detail, what is going to happen for the next 10 days. How will it be? We can be sure that we will lose our peace while thinking about the falls, bumps and hiccups that we are sure to meet within those 10 days.

Life would become a program, an automation, robotic...

Stories are wonderful to almost all of us; each one though liking different genre of them. But think if we all knew the end of the story from the beginning? Would we either keep the book aside, because we do not like the ending, or read it every now and then remind ourselves of the ending so that the charm of the characters in the story is lost?

Someone said, "Ignorance is bliss". Now, I am not undermining the importance of planning or predicting in order to be prepared but I am just reiterating that serene patience, when employed in tandem, would help us achieve much more.

Patience is not just sitting around thinking something will happen; it is the grit and will to accept the flops and STILL WORK WITH ZEST, AS IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING YOUR VENTURE.

The blatant truth is that we actually kill the present time with our impatience.

Someone said, "Life need not be wonderful to be ENJOYABLE". It would not be wise for us to damage our own present for an unknowing future. With all uncertainty, we can still enjoy our EVERYDAY life.

And hence the best thing to do is to say to ourselves, "Hey you there inside, remember, you are the most happy when you don't know what is going to unfold the next moment."

Let us take a reminder from the book of psalms which advices us, "Be calm and wait patiently for God..."

Copyright 2009 Sam Vijay Kumar
When I looked back at my life, one thing that I realized which was very important for me was remaining patient - even when things seem to go slow and down. I realized that patience has always paid off, though in its time.