When you were born you looked up into your mother's eyes with curiosity and fright. As she held you and rocked you, the feeling of fright disappeared and it was then that you first experienced that wonderful feeling of love.

If there were no Mothers...
There would be no one to cross me safely across the street,
No one to give me lollipops,
No one to wipe away the tears when I fall and scrape my knee.
There would be no one to sit by my bedside when I am not feeling well,
No one to help shield me from pain and disappointment.
There would be no one to give me hugs and kisses.
There would be no one to give me unconditional love,
And tell me that everything will be okay.
There would be no one to talk to
And discuss the joys and sorrows of living in this painful world.
No one to get advice from.
There would be no one to love!

Mothers are very special people.
They put their lives on hold to perform the most difficult and thankless job.
My mother is the person I respect most in this world
And I cannot imagine living in a world without my Mommy!

Ashley --- Sent in by her sister Lindsay, Age 15 --- Pennsylvania