My Companion

On this occasion,
let me thank my companion for being so nice to me.

Meeting my companion was neither accidental, nor by chance,
It was not like the sort of love at first sight, but a planned occurrence.
It was purely arranged, made to materialize without any option,
We were selected for each other, on the very first occasion.

The knot was tied, between us, without much delay,
And to realize the truth, it took me only one day.
Everything appeared to be a puzzle after that,
This made me work hard, owing to the habit of, standing first.

In this endeavor, I didn't even notice the world around me,
Unable to recall the hand that supported me,
I tumbled, stumbled and learned by myself, to stand erect,
Couldn't count, even on you, oh! My sweet heart!

One day tired and exhausted, I preferred some rest,
In this plight (unsuccessfully), sought your help, to support, in my test.
I cried and yelled, terribly annoyed, at slowly losing my clout,
But heard only my echo, and found none to bail me out.

I cursed my fate, for everybody being so indifferent,
I blamed my parents, for being so casual in selection of the match,
My consolers almost failed in their approach,
And withdrew within myself, and an exile is all, that I intended to fetch.

Then I noticed a creeping hand, on my shoulder,
I latched on to it tightly, closed my eyes,
And rested my head for ages there.
After I regained my composure, recited the phrase,
"I don't regret the many hardships I ever met.
Cause, it is those, which brought me to this place
That I have wished to outreach, with a faster pace."

Unknowingly, I have always tried to follow your view,
But soon realized, what would have I been, without you?
It is then that I started appreciating my parent's choice,
Now, I can understand the language of my inner voice.

Better sense timely awakened my sleeping soul,
Never did I acknowledge your effort at all.
Yes, now I feel proud of my own destiny,
Thank you "my dear" for being so nice to me.

Copyright 2011 Swarna Prabha Kar (Mrs.)

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