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Do You Think Positive Or Negative Thoughts?

What do you think about the very first thing in the morning?

Your thoughts during the first half-hour of the morning will greatly influence the entire day. You may not realize this, but it is nevertheless a fact.

If you set out with worry and depression, and bitterness of soul toward fate or man, you are giving the key note to a day of discord and misfortunes.

If you think peace, hope, and happiness, you are sounding a note of harmony and success. The result may not be felt at once, but it will not fail to make itself evident eventually.

Control your morning thoughts. You can do it.

"I shall be given help to meet anything that comes today. Everything will be for the best. I shall succeed in whatever I undertake. I cannot fail."

Do not let it discourage you if the moment you leave your room you encounter a trouble or a disaster. This usually happens. When we make any boasts, spiritually or physically, we are put to the test. The occult forces about us are not unlike human beings.

When a schoolboy boasts of his strength, and says he can "lick any boy in school," he generally gets a chance to prove it. When we declare we are brave enough to overcome any fate, we find our strength put to the test at once.

But that is all right.

Prove your words to be true. Regard the troubles and cares you encounter as the "punching bags" of fate, given you to develop your spiritual muscle. Go at them with courage and keep to your morning resolve.

By and by the troubles will lessen, and you will find yourself master of circumstances.

Ella Wilcox Wheeler
--- Submitted by Lauren C. --- New Jersey

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