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Our Evolution - A Message of Hope

Along our journey there will be many forks in the road and choices to be made. Ever evolving, a sense of calling grows within... ever beckoning The Way. It never insists, yet always remains; a loving whisper calling from that place of deepest being.

Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday, I smiled and said hello to another, and they pretended not to see or hear me.

Then, on Thursday, I overheard a passionate plea from a corporate boardroom about the need for teamwork and working together... but, that person was scoffed at as "dreaming in pink".

... On Friday, I watched a news story saying that we must cut back on world relief efforts, as times were tough at home.

Then, on Saturday I saw that same person from Wednesday so touched by the gesture, that they smiled and greeted their neighbor for the first time!

And then! On, Sunday morning an e-mail was sent from the CEO to that brave businesswoman saying "yes, we do need to create more harmony" and "please lead our team".

And finally, on Sunday evening, I watched a courageous news reporter make an emotional appeal declaring: "It was time that we all pulled together and help our sister countries in need!"

So it is with a joyful heart, I can report evidence supporting the evolution of humankind; and I am so very hopeful...

Written in 2010 by E.G. Drennan --- Canada

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