I have realized that the reason I am suffering, stuck, in pain, and paralyzed, is the fact that despite talking, telling, teaching and writing about 'letting go', I don't actually do it!!

I now have to let go of:

The past
My attachment to parents, family, friends
My false self, old self, ego
Attachment to memories, events, places
Fear, even the fear of letting go
The label/fact of being adopted
The known, ideas of security
Other people's opinions of me,
Judgments about me
My own judgments
Some core false beliefs about myself and life
My conditioning by and attachment to the world
My defenses
The future

I will have to let all of these (and more) go when I die, so I may as well release them before. The bottom line is that I have accumulated so much baggage during my life so far, maybe even other lives too(?), that I can't move on until I let some of it go.

I am life and life goes on, forwards, evolving, unfolding; like a river that flows forever. All of this accumulated crap is in my mind, forming the crust/dust of my ego. Basically at a deep level it is not Real. Only Love is Real and only the unReal can be threatened or lost.

Copyright © 2004 Simon Heighwaya