Can You See The Beauty In You?

Lady In The Mirror

She stared in the mirror, long and hard, her eyes glazed over. She was not seeing the reflection that stared back at her; she was lost in a world of memories. In an instant she was back; the reflection in the mirror confused her. For a second she thought it was her mother staring back at her. But as reality slowly set back in, she realized that the reflection was indeed hers.

Gone was the beauty spot of years gone by; in its place she saw a mole. Gone were the dimples that once graced her cheeks. Where had those cute little dimples gone, she thought to herself? Where did those wrinkles come from?

So caught up in the daily chores of her day to day life, she had not noticed that time had not stood still, until today when she happened to stop and look, really look into the mirror; the mirror that had seen her transition from a bright-eyed 20 year old full of hope.

The years had passed her by and as she wondered about this cruel twist of fate, that mother nature eventually throws everyone's way, she began to smile.

The years appeared to have whizzed by at an incredible rate and her light, it seemed, was indeed glowing dimmer by the minute. It was then that it dawned on her. She knew deep down in her heart, she knew right down to the very core of her being that if she were given the choice to have her time over again, she would not change a thing. She was right where she was meant to be.

As she stared at this stranger in the mirror, she looked deep into her eyes. She could see the wisdom and the kindness that emanated from them. She also noticed that there was a warmth that had not been there, oh so many years ago.

Finally, after years of trying to live up to the stereotypes that constantly assaulted her, she finally saw beauty, real beauty.

"You are beautiful," she whispered at the mirror and this time she meant it; she really, really meant it.

Copyright 2011 Elisabeth Folino
This story reflects on the emotions one feels at the passing of one's youth. Writing is a relaxing pastime for me and I have a blog where I share my journey. Stop by and visit:

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