There are some jewels in our life, which can never be stolen. Three are related with the birth and no one has control over them i.e., parents, brethren and children. We think that our life partner is also a jewel in our life, but this relationship is just a generation of some signatures on a piece of paper, and on the same groundings it finishes, i.e. by doing some signatures on a piece of paper.

Now there are some feelings that are jewels in our life, and that makes us superior than the rest of human kind; these are love, care and sincerity. They never can be stolen and are uncontrollable, as our relatives are, but the incomparable things in these feelings are that, firstly whosoever (friends, loved ones, family, even unknown people) are linked by them can never be detached/replaced, secondly they can never be molded, but they mold the persons, and thirdly these feelings never die and none except God has the power to give an ending to them.

Copyright © 2003 Abbas Mehdi