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iPad Mini Winner's Story Will Melt Your Heart!

Goedeker's loves to see happy customers, so every year we host a drawing in January and July, and one lucky person receives an iPad Mini. Goedeker's customers can enter the drawing through a variety of ways, such as submitting product or customer reviews.

When I contacted July's drawing winner, I couldn't believe the inspiring story behind her efforts.

Sari Bailey entered the drawing in hopes of winning the iPad Mini for her blind granddaughter, Aubrey. Aubrey, a soon-to-be 4 year old, was born with a rare condition called Septo-Optic Dysplasia. The condition, also known as De Morsier's Syndrome, happens when the optic nerves do not develop fully in the fetal state.

Aubrey once had an iPad Mini, given to her by the Gia Foundation, which provides an iPad Mini to the blind once a year. However, it was stolen, and her family did not know how they could replace it. The iPad was essential to Aubrey's development, as she uses it for intensive therapy. Each week, Aubrey works through an hour of occupational, physical, and speech therapy.

While Aubrey may struggle with her sight, she loves music and plays piano and sings fairly well for a three year old! As one can imagine, the iPad plays a huge role in this. She also finished her first year of school in May - pre-3.

Sari says, "We are very happy for her progress. We like to have as many tools for learning as possible available to Aubrey, thus, my quest for the winning of the iPad Mini! She is a very special little girl and I love her dearly."

Here at Goedeker's, we wish Aubrey the very best, and we hope she loves the new iPad Mini!

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Liz is a twenty-something Missouri native who loves cupcakes and music. In her spare time, she can be found roaming St. Louis with her pup, Motley Crue, and cooking up her favorite family recipes.

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