There have been times in my short life where I had to overcome certain obstacles, just as everyone must. Some which happened by chance and others because I was reckless with my life. I won't deny the fact that I thought I was invincible and could easily overcome anything.

I was foolish in my thinking; life is sometimes going to be difficult. If life were a smoothly paved road then there would be no excitement, no thrill of just being alive. The roadblocks in life are going to make things difficult and alter our daily lives but when someone overcomes these obstacles there is triumph. In this triumph, strength and courage builds to take on life.

I know I have a lot more to learn and experience but I have already learned the importance of loving the low points in life just as I love the high ones. I have already begun to triumph and I can't wait for the thrill to continue this journey we call life.

Copyright © 2000 Jessie Koehn