Live In The Now!

"Living In The Moment"

Life happens moment-by-moment
In a kiss in a smile in a tear
The moments after add up
In a day in a month in a year

We seek to capture a moment
Somewhere between dusk & dawn
If we don't act in the moment
Then when the moment is gone

We'll look back on this moment in time
Filled with regret and dismay
That unfortunately we let
The moment slip away

In that moment we'll grasp
What moments are meant to give
And we'll begin living in the moment
Every moment we live

Copyright © 2010 Tony Haynes
Tony Haynes is a lyricist/songwriter/poet/author. As an author, Tony’s current book is called “SpiritChili, Recipes For Life.” With SpiritChili, Haynes uses acrostic poetry as his tool to deliver an additional insight within each body of work. He offers a more scenic trip down the road towards enlightenment. SpiritChili is a thick, rich, warm & spicy stew created to feed you spiritually.

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