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I Knew That I Am God

I have decided to bring myself in to this world,
But cried loud
"Oh GOD, why did you pushed me to this world",
I know that I have to earn my bread and butter,
But refused to go to school,
"I want to play with my friends"
I know that she doesn't love me,
But loved her madly,
"I cant live without you"
I know that LOVE IS GOD
But hated love,
"She never loved me"
I know that others are images
of me,
But blamed them, "They don't have ethics"
I know how much my parents cared for me,
But rejected them,
"These old orthodox idiots are good for nothing"
I know my kids will repeat it,
But loved them much, "I have to give them good life"
I know that my images are struggling to make their living,
But ignored them,
"I have to earn as much as I can
To put me out of that pathetic situation"
I know that some day I have to leave,
But feared to die,
"I want to live more and enjoy life"
I know that I am the GOD,
But prayed him,
"GOD, please let my life be filled with only joy"
Even I realized myself as GOD,
I cant put me and my images out of this play,
As this is something I have decided for myself,
To let the sun rise everyday,
To let the earth keep rotating,
To keep the world moving.
But I never knew FOR WHAT????

Srinivasa R Abbaraju --- New Jersey


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