Have you heard about the love of Jesus?
How He died for us upon the cross
How He gave His life without a murmur
So we need not suffer pain and loss
For He came from heaven with the Father
As He loved the world in all its need
And He promised that He'd not forsake us,
So sinners come and take good heed.

Many times you've felt so sad and lonely
Life held disappointments and despair.
And you searched so long for satisfaction
Always yearning for someone to care.
But you needed only to find Jesus
Just to open up your weary heart
Where He promised to abide forever
With the Father, never more to part.

Why not hearken to the voice of Jesus
For He calls you to His precious love.
He will teach you, comfort, and will guide you
Then will lead you to His home above.
With His loving Father in all glory
What a wondrous rapture it will be
After we have lived and loved as mortals
The face of Jesus we will see.

Copyright © Rose Perry --- Australia