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Growing Into Myself

September 14, 2012


My Roots

Somewhere, at some point, I had heard someone saying, "Passion is not just a will, not a mere demand, it's a burning fire that is ignited by a mere match, a match composed of zeal coated with an experience of failure, and having to rise and prove."

Well along the path, I have been so groomed that I can relate to this statement with much empathy and sensitivity. A mediocre for my teachers, just another girl for my friends, and just another kid in this world, I had a lot more to prove, a lot more to live.

With every passing day, I never knew how I would look into the future, how I would stand, what I would do, what I wanted. Life, a simple word, had too simple of a meaning for me just to live and just to do my chores. And these chores I had mostly would be what a normal school going kid would have. This was a part of me, I guess, for a long time.

Not until then, when being misjudged, misperceived, and prejudiced every now and then, did I feel.

Not until the day when life brought me to the stand where mediocrity was perceived to be my virtue.

That was when I, for the first time in my life, felt that I had more to prove, more to consider my virtue; just to be another girl would never be my resort.

Just then did I realize Darwin had been right all along; there would only be survival of the fittest.

I had to struggle, struggle for my existence; that was what would keep me alive. With a little of hope, a little of faith in myself, I decided to take my chances.

Life is no easy task, yes definitely. Who said things would be easy until someone did it? So complications were the infancy of every simplicity and that was what made me get going. Along the way, ups and downs, a bit of hurdles would have been obvious. As the curry would have no taste without spices, life would be no experience without stumbles.

In half a decade, for me, every bit of me has changed. Truly speaking I wouldn't regard it a change, rather I would say every bit of me has now been connected to the real me. The real me, who had chances to sprout out in this mob, to be somebody.

Even today I would not say that I'm someone many look up to but what I consider to be my greatest achievement is that I have known that I have boundless capability to unleash the real virtue in me, which is way above mediocrity.

In these years I have known that to be someone, I don't need the rest of the mass to believe me. All I need is myself to know from within that I am something and I can be somebody. And the only key to this is untiring effort and input from my part.

Well we all know that luck comes to those who try their best, so destiny follows those who don't look back but look at the horizon with their feet on ground.

Today when I look at all those times I had been deceived on countless try's that I made, I just smile and say to myself, "It took me half a decade to grow my roots, I still have more decades to grow into a sequoia. Till then, I shall keep nurturing the sapling with all my heart."

--- Copyright © 2012 Subrataa Lamsal
I am a normal college going girl with big dreams, and overall a zeal to make it real. I believe in speaking myself out and doing what I think is the best for me. For more info you can reach out to:

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