Think Divine... Be Divine

Grace Is All Around Us

Yesterday, I was working on a report that was driving me nuts. I thought I had finished it when I realized that the numbers looked wrong. Then I realized that the currency was wrong, oops! To make it worse, some numbers were in the wrong place.

I was feeling pretty down, tired and had a headache. So much time and effort wasted. I just decided to leave the report and work on it later.

While driving back home, I was told some nice bhajans (Divine songs) would cheer me up. There is one bhajan that has been in my mind for a couple of days now. I was skipping through them, still slightly annoyed, and then, out of nowhere, without me even thinking about it, this particular bhajan came up.

It started playing, filling me with such warmth, such a feeling of bliss and then tranquilly came over me. I knew deep down, somewhere, I am loved so dearly.

So much love filled my heart; such a small gesture, but so beautiful, I was touched to the core. I could feel my anxiety and headache slipping away, washed away by a cool breeze.

Just makes you think, all the desires that come up and go, fulfilled or otherwise, they have not brought me any peace. But just a simple song, a few lyrics, some sounds, can bring up so much love and peace deep within me.

Can we not see the divinity all around us, blessing us with so many things?

The flowers in blossom around us, the leaves on the tress, the sun shining down on us, the infinite sky, all for us, celebrating our very existence. It's all there around us. Even then, we don't see.

I am beginning to open my eyes. There is so much given to us, every opportunity to wake up and see. It's there. Even then, we keep our eyes firmly shut. We still don't believe.

Divinity, itself, assumes the form of a Guru (spiritual teacher) to guide us; he is concerned about the growth of the devotee. Divinity is all around, gracing us. I can no longer keep my eyes shut.

Lucky are we.

Think divine... Be divine.

Copyright 2009 Narayan Veeraraghavachar