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"The greatest unused power on earth is the power to go for it! The second greatest unused power on earth is the power to go for it again, and again..."
--- Mike Marino, Jr.

Speaking is what I do. My wife is my life! Please only one dream to a person!!!

The truth in my humble opinion is everyone is hiring right now. The problem is they want to find the right person. So many beautiful person girls would rather stay single than to marry the wrong person. So many companies and individuals would rather do without than to hire the wrong person. That is why the only thing you have to sell is trust. The best way to sell trust is In Person! Face to face with persistence, not Facebook!

If you do not sell trust, you still have trust! You do not know my story.

I met my dream at a dance in 1964 after I got out of the Navy. I wanted to marry my dream right on the spot. My wife was one of five daughters. They lived across the river. Her Mother was determined to hold on to the last daughter. My wife had a good job and was helping to support the family. Her Mother managed to run everyone, that came to court her daughter, away.

My picture is in the dictionary next to the world persistence. Only persistence is precious (valuable) when pursuing your dream. We dated for three years. I went through pure hell. My wife was very obedient to her Mother. We married in a very big church wedding. My wife was pregnant within a few months after we married. My Mother-in-law talked her into coming back home. I was devastated to say the least. We were divorced. I had to go over to across the river and have two hour visiting rights with my baby daughter. Eventually the judge let me take her out with me.

A very close friend of mine is a Jesuit Priest. He talked me into doing volunteer work. He said that I had healed myself by building a bridge from my life into someone else's life that had much bigger problems than I.

I worked at Children's Hospital for one hour every week for five years. I got an idea to invent a special exercise bicycle for paraplegics. I received a patent on the bicycle and sold them all over the world. I sold the patent for $50.000.00 in 1970. I worked with young boys that were in auto accidents and got the Idea to open a bicycle shop to hire people with disabilities. I opened August 1, 1971 on a $1,200.00 loan in a one-room shop 14 X 12 feet. My sales for the first years were $195,000.00.

I moved on Veterans Blvd. in September 1972 into a much larger building. My sales grew to $875,000 a year by the grace of God.

By the Grace of God, I hired 189 high school and college students over twenty eight years and coached them to explore their potentials. Eighty five students came from Delgado Rehabilitation College. Things were changing, and I was forced to close the business in 1998.

Four years after the divorce, my wife broke away from her Mother and we were married in St. Francis Xavier Church on Metairie Road in a private wedding. I have a daughter. She has four children and my son, he lives with us; he is Autistic. My daughter is from my first wife; my son is from my second wife. Same wife! I am still married to my dream for 44 years.

My Mother-in-law came to live with us for the last five years of her life. She passed away at 97. She laughed at my jokes. I ask her why she gave me so much trouble to marry her daughter. She said, "You were not sensible, you do not listen. You do not have patience."

I said, "I wanted to marry your daughter because she has patience, listens and is sensible."

She said, "Then why should my daughter have married you?"

I said, "Because I am persistent!"

They did not have stalking in those days. I would still be in jail. I am still married to my wife of 44 years and six months; two children and four perfect grandchildren.

The Law of Persistence: Your Ability to persist despite setbacks and disappointments affirms your Faith in God and your belief in yourself.

Persistence is the iron quality of Success! Only Persistence tells everyone what you really want! You are the best at who you are!

Remember, when David first tried to slay the giant, he missed.

Everyone is hiring. You must call on them and sell trust! What you want the most wants you!

I am now a licensed New Orleans Tour Guide at age 71. I do three hundred New Orleans City tours a year on a thirteen passenger van as a day job. I have been speaking and writing for 28 years on the topic: Fall In Love With Learning. My new book, "You Have The World In A Jug With The Cork In Your Hand!" will be available on my web site soon.

I have had the privilege of the platform more than 5,000 times in 36 states and 16 countries.

With best intentions to serve with humility,

Copyright 2012 Mike Marino, Jr.
Mike Marino, Jr. aka "In Person", is the co-author of two books and a Distinguished Toastmaster who helps people fall in love with learning. He speaks and writes on the love of Knowledge is the root of all good!. To book Mike for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Mike Marino, Jr. "In Person" 504 833 4405.

Proud member of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. Be sure to visit his website: http://mikemarinojrinperson.com

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