Feeding The Soul

Here are some inspirational words I have hanging above my desk. Perhaps they might be of use to others! They coincide with a wonderful bumper sticker:

We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

We eat right, we work out, our minds are finely tuned, but how many of us consider the nourishment of our souls?

We are body-mind spirit. They cannot exist separately.

If we do not nurture our complete self, we die at some level. We begin to wither with a feeling of emptiness.

A vague, persistent feeling that "something is missing." A feeling of being dead inside.

We go about our daily lives, we smile, we manage....and inside, where no one can hear, we wail. Very little in our culture is deeply meaningful, feeding our soul, taking us deeper than our shallow, homogenized living.

Indeed, living in any other way but the narrowly-prescribed cultural mode is considered strange and suspect, even if pain and suffering are a dominant part of that mode.

Yet we are meant to be joyful creatures, feeling our innate aliveness and our connectedness to the Holy, Universe and Spirit.

Of the Earth dwellers, we alone have been gifted with consciousness and free will. But how tragically we waste our precious moments.

Author Unknown --- Submitted by Darrylynn Griffin --- Maryland

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