Are You Afraid Of Success? Are You Afraid Of Failure?

Fear And Success

"Life changes, things changes, situations change and people change. Changes are inevitable part of life."

I have heard and read the above lines a lot. But my recent and most memorable encounter with them DID change my life, things around me, situation I was in, my opinion about people around me and helped me grow as an individual.

After a considerably great school life, I managed to get my name on the merit list of a couple of renowned institutes, though not all the colleges of my choice. This frustrated me a lot and I started doubting my abilities, my commitment and started playing the blame game.

The die hard optimist in me suddenly went missing. Dreams I once cherished became disappointments and the life I once loved became dull and gloomy.

For days I waged a war inside my head and came face to face with my fears and self doubts. It soon became clear that my fear of failure was holding me back from giving it my all.

I decided to face my fear head on and committed to give it my all. Once committed, everything changed.

So, today I have no blame game to play, no reasons to look back and nothing to regret. Today I have some dreams to fulfill, goals to achieve, forts to conquer, roads to walk, battles to win and above all a life to LIVE and enjoy.

Copyright 2010 Priya Agarwal

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