A family is like a Patchwork Quilt
Each member is a piece of the total design.
They fit together as the pattern is built
With each new-born addition that is added in time.

Each shape and color in the quilt is there
To add some interest and form.
Each person in the family is where
With God's design, they daily belong.

Just as the patchwork needs loving and care
And mending when ends are frayed.
So the family ties may need repair
With forgiveness and apologies made.

When a patch is worn out and must be replaced
A new piece of cloth can be sewn in its space.
But loved ones are so precious, each one so unique,
They're priceless heirlooms we all want to keep.
They can't be forgotten, our memories of them never end.
They're in our hearts forever, we always call them friend.

Though quilts are like our families, they're made by human hands.
Their colors fade, their fabric tears, they lose their great demand.
But families live forever, throughout time, across sea and land
For they are made by God alone through His eternal perfect plan.

Copyright © 2000 Marian Spain