What's Your Attitude Like?


Today I feel, I know, I did fail.
I said I would put my best foot forward,
But what happened was the standards - I lowered,
I said I would be the best me,
But reflecting that was never to be.......

These may be the daily words in the diary we carefully hide in the drawer beside the bed. The fact is that each and every day we rise, we have an action plan and are roaring to go ahead. Deep inside, we are promising that we are going to do our best, doing it all right in our busy schedules whether regarding our relationships, health, family or office.

So has been my the routine.

Once again we wake up to read the bible, a book by Joel Osteen or John Mason and before leaving, take a peep into the diary. Having the car keys at hand, we leave assured that it will be yet another fulfilling day.

Today results show I did fail,
Before then I thought I'd be on top,
But with the failure I can no longer cope,
I thought I was cream Del' a cream,
But that was all in my dream,
The world put me in my chair and I sat,
The failure proved I wasn't all that......

However, once you step out to the morning sun, you realize that nothing is as you had planned. Scheduled to be in an interview at 8:00 A.M. there is traffic on the major highway. Afterwards you have to meet a very important client and your car breaks down on the way. There is a crucial deadline, which you are unable to meet and to top it up all, finally it's a dream come true.

You have an opportunity to go work in Paris but little Samantha is barely two years old. All in all, nothing goes as planned and you are left to solve the problems on your own. Despite this, the company expects you to give results not knowing what pressure you undergo.

But then.....

Today I learned that I did fail,
Like one of the many times I did fall,
Like before I was pushed to the wall,
And once more I knew what to do,
What I've always done I'll do this time too,
Away from defeat I know how to leave the trap,
The secret lies in once more getting up.......

Car keys in hand, you are back home. The serene environment brings back your calm of mind. When you go in through the door, little Samantha begins to take small steps towards you. You smile and encourage her on. She falls; you feel sorry. Soon, however, she stands and runs towards you. In her head, all she knows is that she must feel mama's warm embrace.

Holding her in your arms you realize she has just taught you a very valuable lesson. That life is a journey and we will definitely face obstacles. What matters is that we should rise above the storm like the eagles and have a positive outlook.

Like baby Samantha, focus your eyes on the goal despite the challenges you face. Besides, isn't it true that obstacles are those frightful things we see when we shift our eyes from the goal?

Darkness settles in slowly. In the west the sun beautifully disappears behind the hills. Deep inside you are glad; you have lived to meet the challenges of another day. You are now one day less towards your destiny.

The bathroom door snaps open and you watch baby Samantha come towards the bed. Quickly, you wrap up your recordings into your precious diary.....

Tomorrow I will conquer, not fail.
Once more I will boldly take the test,
I am determined to be the best,
But, if it happens, if I do fail,
I will rise, dust myself and not wail,
Ready to surge forward, I will not bend,
I am ready to see the victory in the very end.

"How was your day darling?"

"Challenging and fulfilling. I am glad I conquered..."

Now that's the attitude of a real African woman.

Copyright 2011 Sofina M. Nelsoni
I am from Kenya and love writing and poetry. One day I hope to publish my own book.

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