Dear Mum,

I look at the life I have today, and the only thing I can say is THANK YOU!

Coming up in a home where caring was served as a starter, love as a main course, and for dessert - appreciation, I think its safe to say, and I know that I speak for the whole family, that house was the most loved and blessed, because meal time was all the time.

It seemed that everyday of dad's and your life was spent working and screaming at your kids, I always found myself wishing I had better parents. It was always," Lisa you can't do this, Lisa you can't do that, that outfit goes in the garbage right now young lady, you're grounded !!"

I guess most of my life at home was spent cursing you. I always thought that other children were happier because they had everything they wanted. I guess I thought that I had lived life and I was ready to take on the world.

For all the scoldings, for all the groundings, for all the costumes that went into the trash, for all the times you embarrassed me in front of my friends and for all the lousy gifts.......thank you.

WHY???? I am a mother now and I know now what it is like to be responsible for a's not easy. I spend sleepless nights thinking about Casey. She means the world to me and all I want is the best for my daughter. I know you felt the same way when I was Casey's age.

All that I can say is sorry for all the sleepless nights, the worries and the tiring days at work, where you slaved away to keep the family together. You had to do ten times the job I have to do, because you had two sons. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through.

When dad had cancer and couldn't work, you worked extra hard to make sure the we didn't miss out on anything. You made home a comfy place and told us that everything was going to be all right even when you knew that dad had only a few months left.

You sacrificed you whole life for your children. You are my role model. I am sorry if I gave you a hard time and haven't stood up to your expectations. But I know your guidance has helped me all through played the part of a mother, father and unknowingly, a guardian angel. You're the most admired and respected person in the world.

I know I could never repay your kindness, but thank you for being there and thank you for being you.


Copyright © 1999 Maryam Nizam --- United Arab Emirates