I feel there is no need in this world,
For me to suffer as a young girl.
My struggle begins from the time my eyes open, 'til they close,
I feel I am falling over there is nowhere to go.

Four closed walls, no windows or doors in sight,
All I can do is hate myself as I cry in fright.
I go to school, but I can't get the grade,
There is nothing I do right, my life seems to fade.

I cannot confide, because a secret is not a secret today,
Things get turned around and I get pushed away.
The clothes I wear, aren't what others accept,
And because I try so hard I get no respect.

I feel so violated in this world,
I feel like I was put here to be a miserable girl.
Help me God, find the way,
Help me in school, help me all day.

Be with me when I cry at night,
Wrap your arms around me say I'll be alright.
When I close my eyes watch me close,
Be with me through the night, don't let me go.

Tomorrow, when I wake up,
Don't let me have a frown,
Turn my mouth into a smile,
I know you won't let me down.

Lord, I love you and I know you love me too,
Good night dear God, thanks for all you do!

Jessie A. --- Submitted by J.W., Age 16 --- Texas