Do You Know How To Control Your Anger?

Control Anger & Conquer The World

We all know the saying, "One's enemy is one's own anger and one's calmness is the friend of oneself".

Anger is the root cause of 'n' number of negative consequences on earth. We all have pondered, at one time or another in an introspective way, about the damage it has caused us. There are many instances in 'puranas' (fables) and 'epics' where the devastating effects of anger are explained by a number of anecdotes.

But the question is whether we should be totally devoid of an important emotion called anger and be leading lives like sages?

I do not think the answer is a firm yes. This is where anger management comes into play. Every one should possess this element and be able to use it in a judicious and wise way. In other words, it is also known as "controlled aggression".

We see a lot of this kind of controlled emotion at work when we watch sports persons in action. Team and individual games like Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer and the likes will do ample demonstration of this. A lot of players, through their body language, show it to gain an upper hand or take control of the game under consideration into their control.

If the sports person exhibits the right amount of aggression, the game or the battle is half won. The other half can be won by the skill of the sport during the course of the game. We can learn a lot about mastering controlled aggression by watching and emulating our famous and popular sports persons.

Controlled aggression and anger also play an important role in a person's career and life.

During the course of a person's career, people who are at the supervisory, managerial and other above higher levels need to exercise this emotion called 'anger' in a professional and right manner.

Unless it is resorted to, enforcing discipline becomes a chaotic task. For getting the work done by the subordinates, it is highly recommended to make use of the virtue called 'positive aggression' or 'controlled anger'.

We can extend this to our daily lives as well.

If the parent is not strict at times, children will behave in a cranky way and do not grow as disciplined denizens down the line. Teachers have to exercise this emotion in a wise way to make the students gain knowledge in an effective manner.

All in all, if one is able to execute the emotion called anger in a controlled manner, it will augur well for the smooth conduct of several activities in one's life and career.

Copyright 2009 BVS. Prasad
Faculty, Cygmax Institute of Management Studies
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India