Let The Past Go - You Cannot Change It

Your Choice

Every human being has the right to choose how they feel; you can choose happiness or sadness.

You may be depressed or heartbroken, over something that may have happened to you or something you did a long time ago, maybe even years ago, to yourself or to others. But you need not stay in that depressed state any longer.

There is no need to carry that pain any longer inside of your heart, day after day, year after year. You must not let it grow continuously because soon enough, that one issue you are sad or depressed about will turn into your normal way of thinking. Negative thinking has a domino effect!

When one door closes in life, another one will open, but if you do not let go of the pains of yesterday, the joys of today and tomorrow will never, ever be discovered. They will be overshadowed by your misery. You must let go of the past to be happy. There is no ifs, ands, or buts!!!!!!!

Quit living negatively in the past, and focus on what you can do about today and in the future. You see, what happened in the past, you have no control of, today. You cannot do a thing about it, so why live there?

Start living and loving the things you can control such as this beautiful day or maybe call a friend that you had a relationship with that turned bad and re-kindle it. Go out and create joyous experiences and turn happiness into a constant way of thinking.

Enough is enough... Do you not agree??

Do not let the torments and regrets of yesterday live in you deep enough, to cover your progression and happiness for today.

Copyright 2010 Rich Barnes

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