Forgiveness Is A Gift You Give To Yourself

The Bridge Of Forgiveness

How far we can forgive, and how often?

I had the privilege to visit this wonderful place in Palawan during the summer's gospel team. After the long and exciting week, we had a chance to explore the place where we are assigned. We came upon this narrow hanging bridge made of 2 bamboos and a long rope, where you can hold tightly for your life as you cross it.

I was so afraid of heights (I think most of us were not accustomed to crossing such a perilous bridge) however, our team leader told us that we must cross this bridge in order to see the magnificent falls that lie out on the other side (and of course to have lunch).

"As you cross this bridge, think about forgiveness. Difficult, but it is possible".

Many times in our lives we face situations that we don't expect - broken relationships, betrayal of a friend, unfaithfulness of our partners, etc., and all we do is sigh (women cry a lot). But I noticed that life must go on, and all the burdens must be unloaded through forgiveness - forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of others.

I didn't understand my cousin when she told me I should kill all those who do harm to me with kindness. But as I grow older, I realize that dwelling on past hurts and guilt will not serve me well.

Once I forgave serious offenses, I noticed that I couldn't forget them but every time I remembered them, I smiled. There are no more pains brought just by the thought of them.

After all, life is good. Despite of all the hardships, pains, and difficulties life teaches me to be strong in facing any adversity while at the same time makes me compassionate to those who suffer.

If somebody does something terrible to me, I have to recall the bridge of forgiveness - difficult but possible.

Copyright 2008 Lumie Rose N. Jawili