Expand Your Outlook - Expand Your Profit

Beginning A New Year

Three farmers gathered to evaluate and share their experiences from 2008. Each had a square meter of land on which they farmed. At the end of the meeting, the first farmer said, "The situation was very hard and it will be much worse for 2009."

The second replied, "You are certainly right. As a matter of fact, after working very hard the whole year, from sunrise to sunset, I only gained 1% profit after all expenses."

Calculating his own numbers, the first farmer replied, "I believe that my total profit is exactly the same as yours, which is 1%."

The two of them looked at the third farmer and asked, "How much profit did you make during 2008?"

The third farmer kindly replied, "Gentleman, with all due respect, I obtained a 5% profit during 2008."

That was followed by a long silence...

"How come? 5% profit?? That is impossible!!!! How did you do that???"

"Very easy and simple math," said the third farmer. "I made the very same 1% profit as you did. ... plus 4% that represents the immense pleasure to be able to enjoy this view, milk my cows and enjoy the most of my farm. That gives me 5% total profit."

Moral Of the Story: All of us have to take care of our farm (that is our square meter in this 2009) and get the maximum profit while enjoying every instant of our lives and work!!!

Copyright 2009 Gustavo Velez
To encourage all of us to succeed in 2009 and stop complaining!