Questions From ReadersFor HiZenPart 4 (Self-discovery)

Dear HiZen,

Thanks for your letters. Please, I want to ask how do I use Fast(in) to discover the real me, in terms of my talents, skills etc.?


Dear Friend,

I love the fact that you read the letters I write. As you know, I used Fast(in) to discover myself and how I treated my wife in our marriage.

Fast(in) revealed a lot to me and some of the revelations were quite hard to accept. But once I got the truth, it made me realise why my marriage was in a terrible state and what I needed to do to change it. My marriage is now better than ever.

You can apply the same approach to discover the real you, in terms of your talent and skills. The secret is asking yourself the 'Right Questions' using Fast(in) as a guide.

Here are some questions you should reflect on:

1. What business or career would you pursue for the rest of your life, if there was no such thing as money? ( Facts, not Opinions ) Make sure what you know is complete and correct.

2. Why did you decide on that business or career choice?

Lessons to live by 3. Does your business or career choice have anything to do with certain talents or skills you have noticed you have? ( See in Systems ) Know the story behind the story.

4. What are those skills and talents? ( Facts, not Opinions )

5. Which friends, colleagues and loved ones know that you have those skills and talents? (Never Assume) Check again, you need to be sure.

6. If I ask your friends and colleagues about you, will the skills and talents they think you have be different from those you think you have ? ( Ask the Right and Best Source )

Dear Friend,

This is the same approach I used when I wanted to know about myself. It took a while, but their answers were very revealing.

I need you to be completely sincere with yourself, when you ask these questions. Furthermore, it is what you do with the answers that will be your turning point.

There are many people who know the truth about themselves and situation, yet they have done nothing about it.

Please, donít be like them; use the answers to the questions as a guide on the direction you wish to take with your life and career or business choices. Remember, your culture is everything.



P.S. Forward this to friends and colleagues that you feel will be helped by this letter. If you have any questions on life, career, business, kindly send it to me, and let us use Fast(in) as a guide to the answers you seek.

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