The Great Spirit Is Always With You

A Message From Spirit

Throughout your journey and daily happenings, never feel afraid, for I am with you. Wake up each morning and know I am here to guide you and you are loved and accepted. Know in your heart and your inner spirit, inner being I will not guide you where you can't walk.

When you feel like you can't go on, know that I love you with all the heavenly hosts above. Each day for you is blessed, as the skies are above, to become whom you were intended - the key is to love.

When you can love with no doubt and no fear and bring forth the guidance you receive from me through your ear, I give you great gifts, all from the source of love.

The paths you take are filled from above, don't walk off that road and remember that dove. I created you and you are one with me, I know the plans I have for thee. So when in doubt, know I will comfort thee.

I created the rainbow as a symbol for all to see and through this guide, I come to thee. The rainbow of love is within thee. Once you find this, I will come and show thee. You can hear my words and feel my heart for I am the one who asks you to forsake all others along my path.

There will be times you will feel like you are unsure. This is when you knock on my door. For all I will do is help thee to see. I gave you a voice so you speak from me, I gave you ears so you can hear me, I gave you vision so you can see me, I gave you breath so you can breathe through me, I gave you scent so you can smell me, I gave you taste so you could feed from me.

The list of gifts are many and endless; each thought you have you are telling me, each word you speak are they from Me?

Listen to your inner spirit, as this is the flame to me. Once you have served me, all others will see this is the truth, the light, and the way. On this path you will face darkness, as well as light. Listen to me for I will set you free. I hold the key to the throne of all the "unknown".

Written in 2007 by Samantha Merrigan --- Australia
This was a channeled message from Spirit and I feel this message is to be shared.