The Poetry of Patricia Lee Lehmann

October 29, 2010


Love, Where Did You Come From?

Did someone send you to me, from far, far away?

Or were you always there, just waiting for the day,

When I would awaken to you and learn of your great power,

And gradually let you inside, like the opening of a flower?

Please teach me how to send you to others that I know,

Who need to be uplifted and bask in your wondrous glow.

--- Copyright © 2010 Patricia Lee Lehmann

The Ego Free Diet

Gather food you like, sprinkle with gratitude, then eat.

Set your table with only enough food that you can hold in your two cupped hands, then eat.

Send unconditional love into your food, then eat.

Send unconditional forgiveness to yourself, then eat.

Think of a time that you were filled with joy, then eat. Sit down with good friends, then eat.

Help someone less fortunate, then eat.

--- Copyright © 2010 Patricia Lee Lehmann
I am a 50 something grandmother who enjoys reading, caregiving and quiet walks with my husband.

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