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Letters from HiZen Letter Five

I'm glad you are feeling encouraged by the letters being sent to you. I have tried to use the examples of my life to explain the culture matrix to you; it seems to be the best means for you to understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I hope you still recall the As you know by now, I can be every emotional. When bad things happen to me, I give in to my emotions. Therefore, a lot of my friends, family relatives and colleagues from work, take advantage of me. It is as if they know how to One day, while I worked at the supermarket, we were told by the head of public relations that once a month the supermarket would donate some goods to the less privileged at the The kids that were playing in the compound were called in to thank us and show their appreciation. While the kids shook our hands, the man that welcomed us gave each of us a gift! It was a handmade woven scarf.

We left the help house and returned to the supermarket. That night, while I laid down on my bed, I couldn't help but think about what I experienced at the help house.

There is something they know that I don't know that is making them smile.

For the next two months, we followed the same routine when we took things to the help house. Each time we brought things, the pattern of smiling and appreciation was repeated by the kids and the man who welcomed us.

The next time we visited, I asked if I could see that man privately. He took me to the corner of one of the rooms and listened intently as I asked him, "Why do you smile so often? I know the help house is constantly in need and totally dependent on what people bring here."

The man said that they were aware of how things were in the help house, they just don't react to it, they respond. I thanked him and wrote down what he said, but in my own words, Part 5- Letters from HiZen- lessons to live by Dear Child, this statement is so true. It took me some time to adjust to this culture, but I finally got it. My colleagues at work began to notice a change in me. I responded to situations, instead of reacting to it. They even tried to In my next letter, I will tell you how I got the next Letter for the Culture Matrix.

Remember, Culture is everything.



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