Letters from HiZen Letter Fifteen

Hello Friend,

This is Joan, I am HiZen's Second Born ( First Daughter ). My father told me he made a promise to you, to share everything he knows about how he came across a culture tool called Fast(in) and how it changed his life and the lives of those whom he was able to share his discovery with.

My role in this is to tell you how Fast(in) influenced my life as a SPOUSE AND PARENT,

I am sure you are already aware of the six culture rules by now.

Lessons to live byF:- Facts, not just Opinions;
"Make sure what you know is complete and

A:- Ask the Right and Best Source;
"If they don't qualify, don't pay any attention to

S:- See in Systems;
"Know the story behind the story."

T:- Think and Act the Best Way;
"Respond to the situation instead of reacting to it."

I:- Inquire, Expect, Prepare, Move;
"Define the Game and know its Rules, if you want to play it."

N:- Never Assume;
"Check it again, you need to be sure."

I can say that my father introduced Fast(in) to me at a rather good time, because I was already contemplating divorcing my husband.

Although I can't totally blame him for what happened to me, the stress of being a spouse and a parent was just too overwhelming for me. I desperately wanted an exit from all of it.

Let me tell you what happened.

I was a career woman at a Mortgage bank. I worked really hard there as an accountant. I arrived early and closed late. Within a couple of years, I got promoted to assistant head accountant, which at that time was completely unheard off.

No woman in the history of that bank had risen to my current level at work. The feeling was really gratifying. I was sure that if I doubled my effort, once again, I would be made the Head Accountant of the Mortgage bank; a true achievement for a woman.

I was also married to a wonderful man named Bill. We here high school sweethearts and both of us were extremely ambitious. Because we didn't want anything to affect our career goals, we decided we weren't going to have children until we had reached a certain status level in our careers.

Bill was in the construction business, often arriving late at night from work. It didn't bother me because I too worked hard and arrived late. Since we both had an agreement, there was not going to be any complaints or argument between us.

Everything seemed to be working out well.

One particular month, we were told at work that the present head accountant was going to be transferred to a foreign branch, thus, there was a slot open for the post of Head Accountant. Rumor had it that I was the number one candidate for the job, and within 9 months, I was going to be called to fill the post once the current head accountant was transferred.

I was so excited that I called my husband and planned for an early celebration with him at home.

I arrived home with Chinese takeout and set candles on the table, to make it really romantic. Bill came home with a bottle of wine and we enjoyed a wonderful and very romantic night.

However, within a couple of weeks, i noticed that my period was late.

I didn't pay much attention to it though; I guessed it must have been because of the stress from work. Moreover, I was getting really sick and very moody. I decided to take 2 days off to check my health at the hospital. The doctor did some tests but found nothing wrong. Then he decided to give me a pregnancy test, just to be sure. To my utmost surprise, he said I was 2 weeks pregnant.

PREGNANT? How did that happen? I thought I had been really careful when it came to avoiding getting pregnant. I wasn't ready to have a baby.

What was going to happen to my career? My husband will be so annoyed. What was I going to do?

In the next letter you will find out what Bill did to me,

Your Friend,
Joan ( The Spouse and Parent )

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