Letters from HiZen Letter Thirteen

Hello Friend,

This is Matilda, I am HiZen's Second Daughter. My father told me he made a promise to you, to share everything he knows about how he came across a culture tool called Fast(in) and how it changed his life and the lives of those whom he was able to share his discovery with.

I am sure you are already aware of the six culture rules by now.
Lessons to live byF:- Facts, not just Opinions;
    "Make sure what you know is complete and

A:- Ask the Right and Best Source;
    "If they don't qualify, don't pay any attention to

S:- See in Systems;
    "Know the story behind the story."

T:- Think and Act the Best Way;
    "Respond to the situation instead of reacting to it."

I:- Inquire, Expect, Prepare, Move;
   "Define the Game and know its Rules, if you want to play it."

N:- Never Assume;
    "Check it again, you need to be sure."

I was still a part-time employee back then when he told me about his discovery. I must say I was really intrigued by it because I didn't know my father was the research and discover type.

My dad asked me to tell you my side of the story and how Fast(in) influenced my life AS AN EMPLOYEE.

When I graduated from school, I couldn't find a job for over a year, so I had to settle for a part-time job as an office assistant in a manufacturing company. It wasn't what I had in mind because I studied business management and the last place I ever thought I would find myself is working in a manufacturing company as an office assistant.

I went to a good school and graduated with good grades, although not that good to get me a job in a world-class organization, but at least I thought I could make good head way with it; so I thought.

Getting a job was pretty difficult in those days. We were right in the middle of an economic depression period and many companies were not willing to accept people to work for them. In fact, those who got jobs were people who were highly connected and they knew people who knew people. In my world, I didn't know anyone in such high places.

So, you can imagine how desperate I was when I had graduated and needed money to begin to pay back my school loan as soon as possible.

My dad was my saviour, because he had put in a good word for me. He told the owner of the manufacturing company that I was really hard working and I could prove it to anyone. If there was any opening at the company that had to do with administrative work, I should take it.

I had to wait for over a year before such an opening came and even then, it was a part-time position. Well, part-time was better than nothing, so I gladly took it.

I had worked in the manufacturing company for over 2 years and it seemed to be a dead end for me. I wasn't really progressing at anything in that company, things were really slow.

Does this sound familiar to you?

About 6 months later, the owner of the company called all of the employees and said there was going to be some major changes:

  1. There was going to be a 50% cut to our salaries

  2. Over 20 people were going to be sacked

This was the worst position to be in right then. I didn't want to be sacked, but having a 50% cut in pay was just as bad. What on earth did they expect me to do?

I am not really a religious person, but let me say that was a moment I had to remember God. If there was going to be a divine intervention, I needed one.

The question of who was going to be removed kept racing through my mind. Since I was a part-time employee, the chances of me remaining were really slim. I had barely paid up half of my school loan and now I had to face this new challenge.

The day had finally arrived when my fate was going to be determined.

I was called into the office and the owner of the company began to ask me all sorts of questions about my life, ambition, and plans for this company. I was really frustrated by so many things and I felt I had to share my frustration. I told my boss about how things were and I felt I could do more than I was presently given.

In my mind I was thinking, “Why go to school and graduate when there was nowhere to practice what we had been taught?”

My boss listened intently to what I was saying and the suggestions. Things could get better if only we took some necessary steps and decisions. After about an hour and a half of pouring my heart out, my boss thanked me and asked me to go back to my office. Immediately I began to question what I had done; I hoped I had not said too much.

The owner of the company interviewed every employee. Two weeks later, a list was placed on the announcement board. Those whose names were written on the list would leave the company within a month. The others would have their salaries cut by 50%.

I was fortunate. My name did not appear on the list. I was happy and sad at the same time. How on earth was I going to live on such a small salary?

I went to the apartment I shared with a colleague and discussed this strange ordeal with her. She wasn't in a position to provide answers, only an encouraging word. "All is well," she said.

That night while we talked, the phone rang and I answered it; it was my mother. She asked how work was and how I was doing. I told her all was well, but could be better. Then she said she was planning a dinner for that weekend and she wanted the entire family to be there. She said Dad had discovered something wonderful and he wanted to share it with all of us.

"Can this discovery make my life as an employee better?" I asked in a skeptical tone.

"Well, there is only one way to find out. Come for the dinner," my mother replied.

So I prepared my mind to come for this family dinner to hear what dad had to tell us about this discovery and see how it could make our lives better. What I learned from my dad completely transformed my life as an employee.

I'll tell you all about it in the next letter.

Your Friend,

Matilda ( The Employee )

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