7 Tips To Become A Better Speaker

Aim High!

As a professional speaker, I'm often asked for insight on how to really get in touch with my audience. Here are 7 quick tips that have helped me throughout my career as a professional speaker.

  • Always write your presentations to be directed at the top-level people in your audience.

    The entry-level people in the audience want to move up. There is a middle-level that wants to be top-level. If you aim at the middle-level people, you may lose the entry-level and the top-level people. If you aim at the entry-level people you will lose the top and the middle-level people.

    By aiming at the top-level people in your audience, you will have the middle-level and the entry-level people wanting to hear your message. Does this make sense to you? Being top, middle, or entry-level in any profession has nothing to do with age, education or being in that profession longer. Everyone must grow at their own pace.

  • Know where the cycle is of business in that profession and also the ages and gender of the audience. Know their business, know your stuff.

    When you fail to research the audience, you prepare to not know to whom you are speaking.

  • Never take an audience for granted.

    Your material on your topic must be cutting edge to what is really happening with the market, the profession they serve. Be specific, never generalize. To put your heart into your presentation, always put your presentation into your heart.

  • Forget about speaking off the top of your head.

  • Limit your subject significantly!

    The point is that the broader the topic, the less detail you can cover. You must be able to make the tough decision: What shall I leave out?

  • Remember Three Golden Rules:

    What do they need to know?

    What do they want to know?

    What do I want them to remember when the presentation is over?

  • Avoid information overload!

    Visuals can enhance efficiency. Remember when using visuals, stand to the right of the visual, unless you are left-handed.
A speaker is a messenger of a message; therefore the speaker must be the message. A presentation must be visual, emotional (passionate) and verbal. The Speaker's message must be delivered with educational, exciting, and enjoyable or (entertaining) value!

With best intentions to serve with humility,

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