December 21, 2005
" When you feel you've pushed your life to the limit, and you can't go any further, give that obstacle one last push because that might be the one that gets you through that heavy door to success. If you don't try that one last time, you may never know. Go for it."
Copyright 2005 Sarah Margaret Bradbury
December 21, 2005
" Challenges are supposed to be speed-boosters, not speed-breakers."
Written in 2005 by Ibrahim Hena --- Nigeria
December 21, 2005
" Never give up. No matter how many times you tried, or how many times you failed, always keep trying and always believe."
Copyright 2005 Jacqui Reinhart
December 21, 2005
" Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude."
Ralph Marston
December 19, 2005
" You never soar too high when you fly with your own wings."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mel W. --- Ohio
This was just something thought of one day when I was sitting on my front porch (near the airport) and I was watching all the planes take off. I don't think it is a quote from anything but I could be wrong.
December 19, 2005
" To do the Impossible, You have to see the Invisible."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jonathan Maes --- California
December 19, 2005
" I was once told, "What your mind perceives to believe it achieves." This keeps me going throughout the day, because whatever you want in your life think it, believe it and it will happen!!"
Written in 2005 by Christina Carr --- Michigan

December 14, 2005
" I have learned that success lies not in the destination, but in how you choose to take your journey. Success is living with integrity - in relentless pursuit of whatever it is that you are truly passionate about. What does this mean? It means that if you have spent every moment of your life striving to realize your absolute full potential in every way possible, then, and only then, can you consider yourself a success. Don't ever shy away from this success for fear of stepping outside your comfort zone or challenging the norm."
Written in 2005 by Shaanah Valdez --- New Zealand
December 14, 2005
" Start with your head; finish with your heart."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brian B. --- Illinois
One of our slogans for our cross-country team this year was to "run with your heart". About the third mile of every race, I would be repeating this quote in my head, and it always seemed to help me push through the pain and allowed me to give it my all --- right through the finish line.
December 14, 2005
" Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be silent, if no birds sang except the best."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Laura Vernallis --- Iowa
December 12, 2005
" I look at myself as an athlete and tell myself I don't want to be remembered as a great player but as a great leader. If I can accomplish that then I truly am great, not just as an athlete but as a person."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Adam K. --- Missouri
December 12, 2005
" People who dream the most do the most."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rohit Gupta --- Illinois
Just had a hang over for this quote since I took to schooling.
December 12, 2005
" Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ishita Kataria --- India
December 7, 2005
" WHO IS YOUR OPPONENT? Your opponent is never really the player on the other side of the net, or the swimmer in the next lane, or the team on the other side of the field, or even the bar you must high jump. Your opponent is YOURSELF, that negative internal voice, that deludes you! Your level of determination... Your continuing commitment to strategize and perfect your situation and most importantly the willingness to allow yourself the power to be in control of that voice."
Written in 2005 by Carmel Dagiandis --- Australia
December 7, 2005
" I've always tried to go a step past wherever people expected me to end up."
Beverly Sills ---Submitted by Didi C. --- California
December 7, 2005
" When a resource is scarce, you increase its yield."
Peter Drucker --- Submitted by Lewis Ohemeng --- Iowa
Use what you have and be Great.