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MARCH 2005

March 30, 2005
" Idleness breeds thought. Thought breeds action. Take time to be idle."
Copyright © 1973 Gary Hancq
I put bits of my personal philosophy to rhyme or verse. This one is meant to dispel the notion that Thinkers are not Doers and that no Great Deeds are accomplished without Thought and Planning.March 30, 2005
" Where there is a will, there is a way and if it is not, then go create it."
Written in 2005 by Kishore Sohanda --- Maharashtra, IndiaMarch 30, 2005
" Victory is the sweetest when you've tasted defeat."
Written in 2005 by T.S. --- MinnesotaMarch 28, 2005
" Prepare like no other, know that there was nothing left for you to do when it's all said and done. This way a loss is just a stat. The better man will always win if he prepared like no other."
Copyright © 2005 Dan HarrisMarch 28, 2005
" Don't give up because it's always too soon to give up!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Deena Alsheikh --- United KingdomMarch 28, 2005
" You can either be rich or recognized. Sometimes you get lucky and are both."
Copyright © 2005 Deri BakkerMarch 23, 2005
" The pleasure of having a dream is that it is a fantasy. If it happens, it was never really a dream, it was destiny."
Written in 2005 by William M --- Connecticut
Just something that keeps me going.March 23, 2005
" It's not if, but when. It's not how, but how hard."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.D. --- Utah

March 21, 2005
" How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you need an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal and you need to be willing to work for it."
Jim Valvano --- Submitted by A.P. --- WisconsinMarch 21, 2005
" Expecting the best means that you put your whole heart (i.e. the central essence of your personality) into what you want to accomplish. People are defeated in life not because of lack of ability, but for lack of wholeheartedness. They do not wholeheartedly expect to succeed. Their heart isn't in it, which is to say, they themselves are not fully given."
Norman Vincent Peale --- Submitted by Alph Shirley --- TamilNadu, India
This is the quote that changed my life. I understood that I can succeed in anything if I give myself fully to it.March 21, 2005
" You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers."
Les BrownMarch 18, 2005
" Through work and play, challenge yourself; not the person sitting in front of you or beside you. YOU are the only person that will allow for room for your success."
Copyright © 2005 Angela WhitleyMarch 18, 2005
" No matter how hard life seems, never give up on your dreams."
Written in 2004 by Bridgette J. WilcoxMarch 18, 2005
" There are people who are thinkers.... There are people who are doers.... Be both! "
Copyright © 2005 Lou ScaffidiMarch 14, 2005
" No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aj T. --- United Kingdom
Remembering this short quote helped me to think about what I want from life. Being a dancer, dream's a huge deal, therefore whenever I say this to myself, I remember that anything is possible March 14, 2005
" The difference between good and great is an inspired idea and perspiration on your shirt."
Copyright © 2004 Rev. Darrell W. BoswellMarch 14, 2005
" Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. Success is doing the right things right, right now."
Copyright © 2003 Nisandeh NetaMarch 9, 2005
" Going with the flow means going down the gurgler with everyone else. Dare to strike out on your own."
Copyright © 1997 Bernard G. BaileyMarch 9, 2005
" If I think I can do it, I know I can. If I know I can, then I will."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brittany A. --- OhioMarch 9, 2005
" Expect victory and you make victory."
Preston BradleyMarch 7, 2005
" If you have tried as hard as you can and tell me that you have given 110% effort, I think that you have never given more than 90% in the past. If you try as hard as you can and tell me you have given 90% effort, I think you understand what it takes to be great."
Copyright © 2005 Jay W. VanWassenhovenMarch 7, 2005
" Don't strive for what you were, strive for what you want to become."
Written in 2004 by S. J. --- Czech Republic
I came up with this when my best friend lost his dream and was trying to relive the magic. All he really had to do was look to the future.March 7, 2005
" Push yourself again and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer sounds."
Larry Bird March 2, 2005
" If you don't work hard on your game, you're the one who loses."
Copyright © 2005 Steve GladfelterMarch 2, 2005
" Success is like baseball; you can fail more than you succeed and still make it in the hall of fame."
Copyright © 2004 Bruce A. RodgersMarch 2, 2005
" The sign on the door to success says, 'PUSH'."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sair M. --- SA, Australian External Territories

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