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February 28, 2013
" Believe in yourself and love what you do."
Written in 2011 by Shaheryar Shahid

February 28, 2013
" Never stop dreaming in your life, even after breaking thousands of dreams, because dreams are the fuel of life that keeps you keep moving towards the goals that you have to achieve."
Written in 2013 by Nimesh Soni
I believe in this because even after getting lots of pushbacks, I got what I dreamed about and I'll keep dreaming.... this inspires me to break my own limits.

February 28, 2013
" The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
Frank Lloyd Wright--- Submitted by Jagdish Kaviraj

February 25, 2013
" A man who relentlessly perspires to be excellent evidently inspires many with his intelligence and elegance."
Written in 2012 by Anuj Somany
Yes, perspiration is true motivation, inspiration and empowerment.

February 25, 2013
" Expect nothing, and everything."
Written in 2013 by Michael Guzman
It's inspiring

February 25, 2013
" A dream doesn't come true by itself; we must pull it."
Written in 2013 by Mohammed Sekouty
Pull your dreams!

February 18, 2013
" Gold medals aren't really made of gold; they're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts."
Dan Gable --- Submitted by George Wachirah

February 18, 2013
" Don't beat yourself; beat your record."
Written in 2013 by Ikhwan Sopa

February 18, 2013
" While winning is everything, it's always the process that will give you your future!"
Written in 2012 by Gigs Gasper

February 11, 2013
" When you think beyond your limits... It becomes your Dream. When you accomplished it... It becomes the Dream for others."
Shashank Rayal --- Submitted by Ramesh Chaturvedi

February 11, 2013
" Great minds also work while sleeping; time off is not an option. Music, Art, and Inspirations have paved the way...even in the dark of night."
Written in 2013 by Donna Avvento

February 11, 2013
" Impediments are bricks for greatness; achievement is not a function of a STEP but a function of STEPS."
Embryonic Medic --- Submittted by Miller Abiola

February 4, 2013
" If you're not a little bit uncomfortable on a daily basis it means you're not growing. Every aspect of physical and emotional growth arrives from outside your comfort zone. So be fearless sometimes. Have the courage to take the risks that feel right. Go where there are no certainties. Stretch yourself and your routines even if it means feeling a bit uncomfortable. The road less traveled is sometimes laden with potholes, bumps, and unexplored territory. But it is on this road where your strength grows and your dreams gradually reveal themselves."
Copyright © 2013 Spencer Chapman
Keep moving forward, one step at a time, on this wonderful yet sometimes hard journey called "LIFE".

February 4, 2013
" All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth."
Napoleon Hill --- Submitted by Lauren Covington

February 4, 2013
" Great men and women are formed in adversity. Adversity is not bad. It is a teacher of greatness. Use your adversity as your ladder to greatness."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kunda Mutale
I hear people give up in adversity instead of learning from their adversity.

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