MAY 2009

May 27, 2009
" We may sometime loss hope and never think of good things happening into our life. But all of these are just the method of life. Believe in your heart that something good is about to happen. Love your life because it's your life, you're the one who's going to live it. Be happy and dance the melody of life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Absalom K. Mabote --- South Africa
When we are busy living on this planet Earth, we must focus on both sides of the road when busy driving. We must learn that good things will happen to us and bad things will also happen to us. Life needs you to stand up and try to find solutions.
May 27, 2009
" Nothing is more difficult than conquering your thoughts and mind and once conquered, difficulty ceases to exist."
Written in 2009 by Vibhore Jain --- India
May 27, 2009
" Procrastination is an enemy of progress but an ally of regrets."
Written in 2000 by Rebekkah Lana --- Nigeria

May 20, 2009
" Love decides what is wrong, instead of who is wrong."
V.P. Kale --- Submitted by Ramakant Shekapure --- India
May 20, 2009
" It's not the lie that you tell that hurts, it's the reason behind the lie that hurts the most."
Written in 20009 by Jerreaca Cavazos --- Texas
I told my soon to be ex-husband this...
May 20, 2009
" Sometimes we have to find our own way to discover what others already know."
Written in 2009 by Christopher Ammirati --- New Jersey
May 18, 2009
" Some of our hardest decisions in life are never easy, especially when our heart was wrapped around them. But we have to let go, move on and to realize this is the best decision to make because we have to think of ourselves in life and what we deserve. The hurt will go away with the thought of knowing the right choice made."
Copyright © 2009 Renee Scalfani
In life, we all have weak moments when we let our guard down and feel sorry thinking we can change someone when they have to do it themselves.
May 18, 2009
" Success without a positive attitude is called Luck and Success with a positive attitude is called achievement, so be an achiever."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mukesh Sharma --- India
May 18, 2009
" See a mistake as a mistake, not as "my" or "his" mistake; "My" means guilt; "his" means anger."
Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar --- Submitted by Narayan T.V. --- India
May 13, 2009
" It's Spring! Start going through your garden (of life) and pulling out the weeds. Then you'll make room for beautiful flowers to grow. Get rid of the bad and make room for the good to come in."
Written in 2009 by Marion Licchiello --- New York
Sometimes we hold on to people or things that we need to get rid of. Once they are gone, you will make the room to welcome in the new...whether that's cleaning out your closet or cleaning out your relationships.
May 13, 2009
" Fences and borders make prisoners of us all."
Written in 2009 by Raymond C. Nolan --- Alabama
May 13, 2009
" It is only YOU that can stop you from being you."
Written in 2009 by Moboluwaji Raphael Ojo --- Nigeria
May 11, 2009
" It takes one person to have a child... but a community to raise it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mina V. --- South Africa
I have kids and it takes many hands to raise a child. I am living proof of this.
May 11, 2009
" If you can't change the people around you, change the people around you!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.M. --- Kentucky
May 11, 2009
" Those who can't do, judge."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Raga Mahmoud --- Egypt
May 6, 2009
" Generally speaking, most people in life and in business do not follow through. They do not do what they say they are going to do. Become a person who does, and you will separate yourself from the masses."
Copyright © 2009 Michelle W. Seamons
May 6, 2009
" Some people listen to themselves rather than listen to what others say. These people don't come along very often. But when they do, they remind us that once you set up on a path, even though critics may doubt you, it's okay to believe that there is no "can't", "won't" or "impossible". They remind us that it's okay to believe that impossible is nothing."
Adidas --- Submitted by Samy I. --- California
May 6, 2009
" Anyone who dares to be... can never be weak."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Scott
May 4, 2009
" Transformation means removing the rocks from our garden, the boulders that block our naturalness... when we were kids, we were free and innocent. As time passed, we accumulated the rocks of resistance, piling them up until they become mountains in our minds. Transformation comes not by adding things on but by removing what didn't belong in the first place. We change by peeling away all the toxic layers, emotional debris, and beliefs that we have added on over the years."
Baron Baptiste --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey
May 4, 2009
" It isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes we’re too stubborn to realize it, but we also have to forgive ourselves."
Written in 2009 by Travis Hodgson --- Australia
May 4, 2009
" Do whatever you do for yourself. People are like shadows; during the day, when the sun is bright, they appear to be so close and when the sun sets, they are nowhere to be found. So never be taken in by the crowd; do everything for yourself so that you do not push any blame onto others!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vusi Simelane --- Swaziland
To create an awareness of people's way of doing things. One must not find himself or herself in a tight corner just because he or she was carried away by the crowd. We are responsible for our lives.