January 28, 2009
" Truth is not what we see or hear; truth is what we feel in our heart."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nupur Sharma --- India
I often see that people are easily bounded by what they see or hear but they don't see inside their hearts what they really think about it or feel about it.
January 28, 2009
" It doesn't matter who you think you are, how rich or poor you might be or even how many people congregate around you. If you are not a nice person, nobody really cares about you."
Written in 1984 by Stephanie Culver --- Kansas
This is posted in my 8th grade class room. Kids need to build friendships, learn to be considerate of others not worry about being popular. Popularity is fleeting while friendships last a long time, if taken care of appropriately.
January 28, 2009
" Nobody is good or bad. It's only circumstances that make them good or bad."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Reena Singh --- India

January 26, 2009
" Life is about understanding who you are and being honest with yourself and others. One of the most important questions one can ask is...'What am I pretending not to see in my life?'"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Randy Detrick --- Pennsylvania
January 26, 2009
" Let the best be your friends. If they must know the ebb of your tide, let them know its flood also."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mohamed Sadak --- South Africa
January 26, 2009
" Just as you cannot freeze the cubes of your choice in an ice tray, without freezing the others - you cannot numb yourself to bad feelings without numbing yourself to all of the good."
Copyright 2007 Angel Logan
January 21, 2009
" If someone you love hurts you, cry a river then build a bridge and get over it."
Written in 2008 by Chirag Chauhan --- India
January 21, 2009
" You have the ability to paint your life with the choices you choose. Paint that picture beautiful and live it beautiful, it's all in your hands."
Copyright 2009 Rachel Lynn Cauchi
Choose well!!
January 21, 2009
" A positive expression can withstand the toughest depression."
Copyright 2009 Pritesh Jethwani --- India
January 19, 2009
" Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."
Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 19, 2009
" Cultivate patience first, in spite of your several qualities, because the divine time is waiting for you."
Written in 2009 by Satyendra Nath Chatterjee --- India
I have crossed every hurdle of life just waiting for the divine time with patience and forbearance. Patience is the essence of life.
January 19, 2009
" I am only me, the me that I see, the me that I am and will be. If I'm willing to change for myself, then I'll give a public announcement."
Written in 2007 by Jesse O. --- Georgia
Sometimes people overlook themselves - who they really are. They spend their lives trying to please someone who wants them to be someone they're not. You can only be you and just being you can get you farther than trying to be like someone else. So love being who you are and not who you are not.
January 14, 2009
" Thinking about or planning for tomorrow is great, but don't forget to live for today."
Written in 2008 by Andrew Komorowsky --- Pennsylvania
January 14, 2009
" Always listen to your heart, no matter what others say. Your brain may be wrong but not your heart."
Written in 2008 by Amita Arde --- India
This is from my experience and is always true with me.
January 14, 2009
" The Interest, The Inspiration, and The Wisdom that we perceive and recognize in one another is Appreciation for the very finest in Life."
Written in 2008 by Vashi Ram Chandi --- Hong Kong
January 12, 2009
" Our choices rule our destiny. What happened yesterday, we cannot change but what happens now and what will happen tomorrow is always in our hands. A person who realizes the power of choice every moment can befriend destiny. Life will happen the way he chooses."
Copyright 2008 Narendra Ponnuswamy
January 12, 2009
" Saying "Hello" is always easy, Saying "Good bye" is always hard, but always remembering one thing: Moving on is the best road to take."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.S. --- Wisconsin
January 12, 2009
" Confidence is half of victory."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Manju Dharm --- India
January 7, 2009
" If you're shy and worried about what others may think of you, it could help to realize that they're probably also worried about what YOU may think of them! An outgoing interest in others will help to break down the walls of shyness."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vidya G. --- India
January 7, 2009
" You are poor as long as you keep begging. You are rich as soon as you start giving."
Written in 2008 by Matthias Schmelz --- Portugal
January 7, 2009
" Guilt generally originates far from where the conscience attempts to hold it captive."
Copyright 2008 Brian G. Jett
January 5, 2009
" Our lives were one path, one journey, one way to go. But now we reach a fork, we need to choose a direction. You want to go there, I want to go here. I'll let you go... Just remember to come back to where our paths separated; I'll be waiting for you, forever if necessary. You see, love is something you can't just throw away or walk away from; it's something you always have with you, something you can always go back to no matter what. Since it's true love, then you'll be forgiven, and you will walk with me forever on the same path once again."
Written in 2008 by B.R.
I wrote this after a hard separation with a girl who still loves me and I still love her. I realize the pain will eventually fade, and someday we may be able to be together again. However, I feel this quote may help others who are going through the same type of situation. Simply: Don't ever give up on the ones you love, because if they truly love you, they'll search for you once again.
January 5, 2009
" If you want to win the race, be prepared to get off the starting block."
Written by Joy Maitland --- Submitted by Jane Taylor --- United Kingdom
I am not certain of the year it was written. 2000 is my best guess. Joy Maitland is my personal development coach and mentor.
January 5, 2009
" True happiness, to me, does not come when you get something you may be wanting for a long time. It truly comes when you start recognizing what you already have."
Written in 2008 by Wispmac Shah --- India
January 5, 2009
" Stress is useless. We get stressed because it makes us feel as though 'we're on top of things'. We get worried if we're not stressed, as though we've missed something. We worry and worry because we think 'we're on the case'. But in reality, it would be more beneficial to be in that calm state of mind we love, when approaching a challenging task. You may think that's ridiculous. But think about it; you're under mass pressure, what will work more: approaching the task mega stressed, or - imagining - (note that word) that everything is OK and possible (even if it isn't). This, oddly, works wonders. Go for a run often too, you'll be amazed as to what it does - even to those who are depressed."
Written in 2008 by X.Y. --- United Kingdom
It contradicts negative thinkers, I'm asking them to imagine rather than actually do.