January 30, 2008
"While focusing on a pot of gold at the end of the path you have chosen, don't miss the diamonds embedded on the path itself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nikita T. --- India
Love this quote! Just realize that the path you have chosen is a unique and great one. Relish the happenings and the time spent on it.
January 30, 2008
"Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results."
Brian Tracy
January 30, 2008
"Every single one of us can do things that no one else can do - can love things that no one else can love. We are like violins. We can be used for doorstops, or we can make music. You know what to do."
Barbara Sher

January 28, 2008
"Find what you love and put your heart and soul, mind and body into it. When all the rivers of blood, sweat, and tears have watered the seeds of this passion, this love, and grown it into the fully bloomed flower of your dreams, there will come a pause, where the sheer sight, sound, smell, and feel of it will be, simultaneously, that of a peaceful calm and an exhilarating joy."
Written in 2007 by K. Canadic --- Canada
A recipe and taste of personal success
January 28, 2008
"When we think we are powerful, we are."
Written in 2005 by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD
January 28, 2008
"If you can see a way when everybody says there's no way - Know that you have an extra-ordinary spirit to do the impossible."
Written in 2008 by Mpho Shoroma --- South Africa
January 23, 2008
"In anything you do in your life, try to stay positive and motivated by the anticipation of future successes rather than fear of failure or past difficulties."
Written in 2008 by David Kuch --- Canada
In other words, only when you have the courage to turn within and learn about the inner laws of being (i.e. what worked in the past and what didn't) and take the positive and constructive aspects, can you truly experience satisfaction in your life. I truly believe that if we envision a goal and stay positively focused, that anything is possible. Also, it's important to learn from past failures; whether it be in relationships, career or family. Without taking a risk and facing our fears, then an individual will never grow and will only stay stagnant.
January 23, 2008
"If you don't take a swing at the ball, then you don't have an opportunity to strike out. Worst of all though, you don't have an opportunity to hit the homerun to win the game. Take this and go out there swinging in the game of life. It's worth it!"
Copyright 2007 Will Tullos
I'm in sales and I decided to make a quote to get myself pumped to make sales calls
January 23, 2008
"We MUST always look at life with a bright eye instead of a nasty sigh...ALWAYS...no matter what."
Copyright 2008 Pete W. Zafra
January 21, 2008
"You're not fighting in a ring. There is no bell telling you when to start and stop, and the opponent in the other corner is not a guy with gloves on. It's you. And perhaps you're the scariest opponent of all. You know all of your weaknesses; know how to lose. Every time you get knocked down, you both lose and win, and the only person who cares whether you get up or not half wants you to stay down. But maybe this is easier than most fights. It's going to get easier, not harder, the more time that passes. It's between what you want and what you want more. You know you'll have setbacks, but it's your choice what happens next. Choose to fight!"
Written in 2006 by Mikhaila W. --- Australia
January 21, 2008
"Greatness comes from ordinary people who dare to live extraordinary lives and those that dare to climb the highest peaks."
Copyright 2008 Kimerly Adamson
Written in memory of Sir Edmund Hillary - Greatest New Zealander who lived an extraordinary life and helped and inspired people around the world. Sadly Sir Edmund passed away in Auckland on 11th January 2008 at 10.00am.
January 21, 2008
"Dream, dream and dream. Then, the dream can be transformed in your thoughts and your thoughts result in action."
Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam --- Submitted by Debjeet Sur --- India
January 16, 2008
"The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity."
Ayn Rand
January 16, 2008
"Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and of true progress."
Nicholas Murry Butler
January 16, 2008
"Get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream. This excitement is like a forest fire -you can smell it, taste it, and see it from a mile away."
Denis Waitley
January 14, 2008
"The belief in your vision is the key to creating your own destiny!"
Copyright 2001 Patrick Snow --- Washington
January 14, 2008
"The steeper the challenge, the deeper I plunge. Often the only challenge we cannot live up to is the one we set for ourselves. The only hard thing to please is the fire within yourself."
Written in 2007 by Ashwin Ganesh --- India
January 14, 2008
"Focus on your potential instead of your limitations."
Alan Loy McGinnis --- Submitted by Kate F. --- Wisconsin
January 9, 2008
"When you want your goal badly enough, feel the intensity of it, let it fuel your waking thoughts and actions, let it influence you in all ways possible and let nothing get in the way of achieving it."
Written in 2008 by Kimerly Adamson --- New Zealand
January 9, 2008
"Standards and Guidelines lead to the norm. Imagination and Interpretation lead to the unique."
Written in 2007 by Jeffrey B. --- California
I was writing to a fellow friend online. While trying to describe to her that it is impossible to critique one's writing style, this quote formed. I find it very inspiring and would only hope others may absorb the same.
January 9, 2008
"When you think to yourself, "Wow, that person is always so lucky, they always get whatever they want", think again. That is called manifestation. That person is visualizing, dreaming and taking action towards their goals. Always remember - your visions become your reality!"
Copyright 2007 Marion Licchiello
January 7, 2008
"The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe it's possible."
Anonymous --- Submitted by Pradnya Potdar --- India
This was sent to me by one of the people who inspires me.
January 7, 2008
"The best time to plant a seed and grow a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now."
Chinese Proverb --- Submitted by Whitney Rogers --- Arizona
We spend our entire life wondering why we didn't do this and didn't do that, YOU ARE NOT DEAD! Maybe we did not accomplish something in the past but who says you can't do it now?
January 7, 2008
"Know that every road we travel is just a journey. Some roads are smooth and straight while others are rough and full of turns. Either way they will take you to your final destination. So imagine taking your journey on the most beautiful Harley your mind can ponder and enjoy the ride!"
Copyright 2006 Paula Lyon