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APRIL 2008


April 30, 2008
" Most of the time before someone becomes an example, he is alone, thinking and trying."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Harsh Kumar --- India

April 30, 2008
" Our thoughts become real, when we are deep rooted in the spirit of our spirit."
Written in 2007 by Vincent Lucky --- Nigeria

April 30, 2008
" You can live how you will, but remember, your will dictates how you live."
Written in 2008 by Brian Cahoon --- California

April 28, 2008
" There are two kinds of people in the world. There are people that complain about nothing ever changing and there are those that notice a need and affect the changes necessary! What do you want to be?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Wayne Robertson USMC
I doubt I am the first person to use those words but it is something that I tell people on a daily basis. I think it is something that more people in the world need to hear. A lot of people say I am a motivating person but it takes more than strapping on a smile and saying it's going to be ok. I strongly believe that if something is messed up you can either live with it or do something about it.

April 28, 2008
" Leaders are like Eagles. They don't flock, you find them one at a time."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.H. --- Georgia
Saying this helps me be the leader that I am.

April 28, 2008
" Leadership is not about exercising authority over people or by winning over people, but it is the ability to bind a group together, persuading and motivating them to seek defined objectives enthusiastically."
Written in 2008 by George B. Ferdinand --- India

April 23, 2008
" You don't declare yourself a somebody, your actions and deeds will."
Written in 2001 by Bai Maleiha Candao --- Philippines
I want to stress that the real essence of leadership doesn't come from lip service but from sincere actions and deeds.

April 23, 2008
" Crises and deadlocks, when they occur, have at least this advantage; they force us to think."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nikhil Unnikrishnan --- India

April 23, 2008
" Creative outcomes often come by building upon a mistake."
Copyright © 2008 Darrell Boswell

April 21, 2008
" Love your work. If you put love into your work, everything follows."
Written in 2008 by Ybonette Gonzales --- Philippines

April 21, 2008
" Right is always right. You can never find any wrong in doing right. Today, make the choice to do right; it's the right thing to do!"
Copyright © 2008 Antonio Talbert
No matter what or what the cost, do the right thing.

April 21, 2008
" No amount of success stops or limits innovation."
Written in 2008 by Mohammed Onotu --- Nigeria

April 16, 2008
" The secret to winning football games is working more as a team, less as individuals. I play not my 11 best, but my best 11."
Knute Rockne

April 16, 2008
" Hell, there are no rules here --- we're trying to accomplish something."
Thomas A. Edison

April 16, 2008
" The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails."
John Maxwell

April 14, 2008
" A good coach loves the sport of gymnastics but a great coach loves their gymnasts more."
Copyright © 2002 Sheilamariee L. Wells
The above is my reply when I am asked,"How do you get them to focus and trust you as a coach?" I wanted to share to help all gymnastics coaches and kids because it's a tough sport and anything passed on to help is my goal.

April 14, 2008
" To place blame only adds fire to the flame."
Written in 2008 by Joyce C. Lock

April 14, 2008
" I am an excellent speaker, if you are at least a good listener."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Malik Charania --- India
Words of a good speaker can also go unnoticed if one is not willing to listen to them carefully. This is from personal experience and I was a listener during that episode.

April 9, 2008
" If you are the best at something, it is your sole purpose in life to make others better - thus you will never live without a challenge."
Copyright © 1990 Toni Kusiak
I thought of this after hearing about one of our astronauts who went to the moon and came back to earth and wondered what can I now do after doing that? I also believe he had a breakdown. I thought no matter what you do there is always something else you can accomplish, if not personally then by teaching others to be better.

April 9, 2008
" Ideas won't work until you do."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ybonette Gonzales --- Philippines

April 9, 2008
" Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."
Anthony Robbins

April 7, 2008
" There will always be people around us who will deplete our energy painstakingly...your role is to recharge yourself and your loves ones positively."
Written in 2008 by Bai Maleiha B. Candao --- Philippines
This is my personal principle in life. When everything else around us is negative, we must STAND UP TO BE POSITIVE.

April 7, 2008
" Commitment means staying consistent rather than being fast."
Written in 2008 by Sandeep Kumar --- United Arab Emirates

April 7, 2008
" Sentimentality is a false and distracting emotion. To dwell on the past is to place value and importance on what was not necessarily as you choose to remember. To live entirely for the future is to disregard what needs to be addressed today. Here and now is what matters: here and now is the only truth."
Written in 2008 by Hannah Leach --- United Kingdom
This is based on some very good advice once given: It's when you think too much about the past and future that you become overwhelmed and depressed. Living for today is the only way.

April 2, 2008
" Children are like a pot of flowers. If you'll give them proper attention, they'll grow up properly; but if you give them lack of attention or extreme care, they'll be destroyed."
Written in 2006 by Munir Moosa Sewani --- Pakistan

April 2, 2008
" Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field - if you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You'll be an old man before you know it."
Al Lopez

April 2, 2008
" You can motivate players better with kind words than you can with a whip."
Bud Wilkinson


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