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JULY 2010


July 28, 2010
" Always listen to the experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it."
Robert Heinlein

July 28, 2010
" One change leaves the way open for the introduction of others."
Niccolo Machiavelli

July 28, 2010
" It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together."
Lloyd Dobens

July 26, 2010
" If you keep cutting corners, you will end up in a circle."
Written in 2010 by Apollon Y. Jr. --- Haiti

July 26, 2010
" All should be a good communicator in every aspect of life. One of the important aspects of being a good communicator is also to be a good listener. Listen first, think second and act third."
Written in 2010 by Shaheem Mahir --- Sri Lanka
I see less communication in organizations - this brings issues to the organizations' success.

July 26, 2010
" The power of example is more powerful than the example of power."
Written in 2010 by Gigs Gasper --- Philippines

July 21, 2010
" It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."
Napoleon Hill

July 21, 2010
" The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."
Margaret Carty

July 21, 2010
" What we need to do is learn to work in the system, by which I mean that everybody, every team, every platform, every division, every component is there not for individual competitive profit or recognition, but for contribution to the system as a whole on a win-win basis."
Dr. W. Edwards Deming

July 19, 2010'
" One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people's excuses for failure."
Robert Townsend

July 19, 2010'
" Do it no matter what. If you believe in it, it is something very honorable. If somebody around you or your family does not understand it, then that's their problem. But if you do have a passion, an honest passion, just do it."
Mario Andretti

July 19, 2010'
" The way to achieve success is first to have a definite, clear, practical ideal - a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends - wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end."

July 14, 2010'
Three ways to be more successful:
1. Know more than others
2. Work more than others
3. Expect more than others.
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Neha R. --- India

July 14, 2010'
" The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashish Rai --- India
This helps me to think positively all the time.

July 14, 2010'
" Ambition without passion is illusion."
Written in 2010 by Gichinga Thuku --- Kenya

July 12, 2010
" Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny."
Frank Hubbard

July 12, 2010
" When every physical and mental resource is focused, one's power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously."
Norman Vincent Peale

July 12, 2010
" Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

July 7, 2010
" It is a grand mistake to think of being great without goodness and I pronounce it as certain that there was never a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous."
Benjamin Franklin

July 7, 2010
" The ultimate test for us of what a truth means is the conduct it dictates or inspires."
William James

July 7, 2010
" Effective managers live in the present, but concentrate on the future."
James Hayes


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