MARCH 2009


March 30, 2009
" It takes a lot to love a sinner, but the sinner needs it all the more."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.B. --- Canada
Everyone needs love, no matter where or how they find it. Love can bring so many positive things to your life, why not spread it, share it with everyone?

March 30, 2009
" What is my deepest desire? It's to be body, mind, and soul to be set free of what haunts them day and night, to have no problems or worries. I want true self-liberation. I want wondrous glory which enlightens my soul, and to be purified to once again be able to look onward toward hopes of prosperity and happiness in absolute harmony."
Written in 2009 by Ger B. --- Pennsylvania
Perfection. Strive towards perfection.

March 30, 2009
" As we learn from our mistakes, we progress beyond our understanding of life and prosper in every goal and challenge life sets for us. Live beyond yourself and grow to be more than you are."
Copyright © 2008 James Watson
Failure Makes Us Grow

March 25, 2009
" Joy doesn't have to come in a field of flowers, but from the seed of your heart."
Copyright © 2009 Samantha Storsberg

March 25, 2009
" The Meaning of GOD:
G - Generator
O - Operator
D - Destroyer
Every Religion has its own meaning and Gods' representing their roles. Like in India, G-Generator is referred to GOD Bhrama The Creator, O-Operator is referred to GOD Maha Vishnu, D-Destroyer is referred to GOD Maheshwar(shivji). The Best part of one's religion is Universal brotherhood."
Written in 2009 by Raghvendra Giri Goswamy --- India
Many still in this busy world are still unaware the power and the meaning of GOD though they might have uttered this sacred word millions of times.

March 25, 2009
" Every day, ordinary people prove that cynicism is a deplorable lie. Stories of courage, heroism, self-sacrifice, and compassion inspire and elevate us because they confirm our extraordinary capacity for nobility."
Michael Josephson

March 23, 2009
" Past Imperfect - Future Tense - come out of this - Live in Present."
Written in 1995 by Sukhmanpreet Singh Sidhu --- India

March 23, 2009
" You're not a hero of others till you're a hero to yourself. Save your soul, your very own."
Written in 20009 by Nur Ain Othman --- Malaysia
We must save our own soul, whatever it takes. It might sound selfish, but it is not. It is important for us to be the one who feels safe and secure, in the first place, then everything will be fine.

March 23, 2009
" If every being can be good for something, then indifference will be oversized by compassion and hope will be the bright color in every street corner."
Copyright © 2009 Mohammed Onotu --- Nigeria

March 18, 2009
" Inspiration is the transmutation of thoughts beyond the realm of impossibilities and doubt. Get inspired. Be motivated. Yes you can! Don't waste your LIFE on what 'never' pays. You are the most beautiful one the World ever needed. You bear Rule!"
Copyright © 2009 Philemon Ebuka --- Nigeria
You are the hidden treasure that needs to be searched for; the most beautiful thing the World has ever seen.

March 18, 2009
" For the wakeful one whose mind is quiet, whose thoughts are undisturbed, who has relinquished judgment and blame, there is no fear."

March 18, 2009
" I am always busy, which is perhaps the chief reason why I am always well."
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

March 16, 2009
" A single life is not enough to conquer the wishes or to fulfill the dreams, yet unsatisfied creatures strive to live, to live a life of chaos. Finally, in the deathbed, overwhelmed memory cries for the bygone days, lost friends and unaccomplished tasks. Let us live happily, satisfied in the hope that the morning will come with newer destiny, newer hope and yet newer life."
Written in 2009 by Uday Uprety --- Texas

March 16, 2009
" Always remember... God's will, will never take you to a place where His grace won't protect you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dedrick Walton --- Texas

March 16, 2009
" Be without fear in the eyes of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vukosi Tshuketana --- South Africa

March 11, 2009
" The right Paths are real hard to follow, BUT never give up. The Victory will be yours one day, in the end at least, and in God's court of justice you will be standing with the tallest."
Written in 2009 by Ajay Goel --- India

March 11, 2009
" Sincerity is the key to prosper in life and in order to be successful in life, you have to learn from the best to be the best among the rest."
Written in 2009 by Mdumiseni Madlala --- South Africa

March 11, 2009
" Life is like the rain pouring out the sweetness of life, sometimes with it the thunderstorms. We feel it, hear it, praise it, wish it, say it. What's it? Many may be the pains and the gains, the tears and the fears, the wish and the lists. Never mind, it will be over. The winds will take cover, the storms will cease, it will be better."
Copyright © 2009 Bassey Ndon (Nigeria)

March 9, 2009
When you feel alone and lost
Living in a world that seems so rough
There would be no cost
Praying for blessings is enough.

For the blessings we receive
Come in the small treasures we look past
Those that fill your heart, I believe
Those that will bring you hope at last.

Having hope will change your views
And will bring happiness to your soul
For it's not something you have to lose
It is our ultimate goal.
Copyright © 2009 Kirsten Hutchinson
I work with the homeless population, which have been an inspiration to me. Seeing their hope for a better life and having gratitude for the simple things they receive is a blessing in it's self. I figured this could touch all those who feel lost in the world right now.

March 9, 2009
" Reach beyond your doubts and fears. Now, grasp hold to your faith where you will find your success!"
Copyright © 2009 Antonio Talbert
Success comes from believing. You can do anything, just have faith and know you can!

March 9, 2009
" No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself."
Denis Waitley

March 4, 2009
" Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius."
Comte de Buffon --- Submitted by Neha Agarwal --- India

March 4, 2009
" If you are confused about choosing something, don't choose. Wait until God sends a messenger to tell you the right choice. And He surely will send one."
Written in 2009 by Yavinesh Raj --- Malaysia
God doesn't come to us directly. We get God's messages through another human being. It depends on us to make use of the messages delivered.

March 4, 2009
" Do something, whatever you think and never wait for someone. When you fulfill your desires, you really feel proud and confident about yourself. And always believe in God."
Written in 2009 Amit Chaudhary --- India
This is what I really feel.

March 2, 2009
" At this moment, Decide to change your life; Decide to follow your dreams; Pray a little harder; Love a little deeper; Work a little harder; Be more loving a little; Be more forgiving a little; Be more caring a little; Be more generous a little; Be more positive a little; Be an example to yourself and others in this moment. For it is this moment you truly have and any extra minute, hour or day is something you should be grateful to God for, a lot."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aliyu Yakubu --- Nigeria
I was going through a bad time and I found out that the people I cared about the most felt I did not value so much and had felt like that for years. I realized that if I had died like that, they would never know. No one should do this to the people they love, be they friends or family.

March 2, 2009
" Hope is a gift given to man with divine intent. It ensures our survival in the most trying times. When our souls are defeated and our bodies broken, hope alone carries us on. We rest there on its back with the knowledge that as long as we do not abandon it, it will never abandon us."
Copyright © 2009 Alicia Martinez

March 2, 2009
" Each day is another opportunity to take one step closer toward your goals, your dreams, your destiny."
Copyright © 2009 Nitina Kolliesuah
This came to me in transitional period in my life. As the days became harder, I began to feel discouraged. But reflecting on this quote gives me the motivation to make it through another day. I hope I can inspire someone else to just make it another day.



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